The solo debut from Blackpink’s Rosé is just around the corner

Rosé's first solo single is dropping on the 31st via Blackpink's livestream, "THE SHOW."


The moment Blinks from all over the world have been waiting is finally here: Rosé has a solo single coming.

The singer released a preview of the single on her personal Instagram account, announcing that fans will be able to listen to the song on the 31st during Blackpink’s livestream “THE SHOW.” By the preview, we can also see that the music video for the single is ready. According to YG Entertainment, the production behind the video is huge, and they’ve been working hard on the post-production to deliver something outstanding.

Rosé sings, “All my love is gone, now you’re dead and gone,” staring at an empty chair in front of her, showing that fans can expect a soulful heartbreak song. You can also feel the heartbreak in the few scenes featured in the preview. Fans have even linked one of the scenes to the “Lovesick Girls” music video.

Blinks that have waited for so long for Rosé’s solo debut took over Twitter yesterday to celebrate the news together.

Blinks, we’re just as excited as you! We’ll be counting the days until the 31st and we’ll be waiting with all of you for RS1!

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