April 2022 K-Pop comebacks you don’t want to miss

Featuring BIGBANG, SUHO, MONSTA X, VERIVERY and many more


Many K-Pop artists are ready to freshen up the music scene like April showers and dominate the Korean and International charts with new music. The bar is set high with heavyweights and on-the-rise artists gearing up to take the stage.

How is April 2022 going to sound?

April 4

Suho Grey Suit

EXO’s Suho will make a comeback with his second solo mini-album Grey Suit. The EP consists of six tracks, and Suho participated in writing the lyrics of all the songs. The overarching theme for the mini-album is time and will express through lyrics and various sounds throughout the six tracks, including the title track ‘Grey Suit’.

On April 7, Suho will also release the music video for the track ‘Hurdle’.

You can follow all the updates on Suho’s Grey Suit here.

April 5

BIGBANG ‘Still Life’

BIGBANG’s comeback will undoubtedly be one of the most significant K-Pop moments in 2022. With the single ‘Still Life’, the group are finally ready to express what they’ve gone through and their sincere messages to the fans who will meet them again when the flowers bloom.

‘Still Life’ is the first release from the group after more than four years – since the release of ‘Flower Road’ in March 2018.

Follow all the updates on BIGBANG and ‘Still Life’ here.

IVE ‘Dear, Cupid’

Four months after their successful debut, IVE is back with a single album called “Love Dive” that will be released on April 5.

“Dear, Cupid” was chosen to be the main single and it’ll be their first comeback since their debut in December.

After the success of “Eleven” their fandom is more than excited to see what is coming along with “Love Dive”.

April 11

Onew (SHINee) DICE

Onew is making his long-awaited comeback on April 11 with the second mini-album, DICE. The EP consists of six tracks, and more details have yet to be revealed.

DICE is Onew’s comeback as a soloist nearly three years after the release of Voice in December 2018.

April 12

Dreamcatcher Apocalypse : Save us

Dreamcatcher will continue to show their unique talent with the second full-length album Apocalypse : Save us. The release follows the girl group’s special album Summer Holiday, released in July 2021.

Dreamcatcher have shared the tracklist revealing that the album; has 14 tracks, seven of which are members’ solos. The members directly participated in writing the lyrics, composition, and arrangements for their solo tracks.

With Apocalypse : Save us, the group are launching their new trilogy concept titled “Apocolypse”. In the concept, Dreamcatcher will explore their lore and large worldview. The members will share their message of moving forward in a chaotic world during the trilogy.

April 14

Taeyong x Wonstein ‘Love Theory’

NCT’s Taeyong is ready to make his comeback, just a month after the release of ‘Lonely’ (featuring Suran). This time, Taeyong has collaborated with rapper Wonstein for the track ‘Love Theory’, and it will be released via SM’s project [STATION] on April 14.

Taeyong has started to tease the song with promotional images and a couple of playful room tour videos.

April 15

SEVENTEEN ‘Darl+ing’

SEVENTEEN have announced the release of their first-ever English-language single, ‘Darl+ing’, ahead of the release of their studio album in May. The pre-release single will be available from April 15 at 1 pm KST.

The group have started to tease the single with concept photos and a mood teaser video.

April 25

VERIVERY Series ‘O’ [Round 3: WHOLE]

Less than a month after making their comeback with the single-album SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 0 : WHO], VERIVERY are ready to release their first album since their debut.

VERIVERY’s first full album SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 3 : WHOLE] will be released on April 25 (6 pm KST) and it is the third installment in their “SERIES ‘O’”.

Over the past weeks, VERIVERY has shared mysterious short video teasers for each member alongside solo and group concept photos.

April 26


MONSTA X’s much-awaited return previously scheduled for April 11 has now a new release date! The new mini-album titled SHAPE of LOVE will be released on April 26.

On April 10, Starship Entertainment released an official statement announcing that Joohoney has tested positive for COVID-19. The agency also announced that the release date of SHAPE of LOVE won’t be changed.

MONSTA X originally scheduled the release of their mini-album SHAPE of LOVE on April 11, the group had to postpone their comeback after Hyungwon first tested positive for Covid-19 on March 29 – then Kihyun, Minhyuk, and I.M tested positive.

April 28

Moonbyul ‘C.I.T.T’

Moonbyul of girl group MAMAMOO will release a new single titled ‘C.I.T.T’ (Cheese in the Trap) on April 28 (6 pm KST). The singer has released the schedule teaser on April 12; from the sequences in the video teaser, the new single seems to be a continuation of the story introduced in Moonbyul’s previous release ‘Lunatic’.

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