NCT’s Taeyong opens his YouTube Channel TY TRACK

Taeyong has shared the performance video for the track 'LONELY'


Updated March 15

Taeyong has shared the first video on his brand new YouTube Channel TY TRACK and it’s a Performance Video for the new solo track ‘LONELY’

Taeyong wrote the lyrics of ‘LONELY’ and participated in the composition of the song with Royal Dive, who also arranged the bright and easygoing song. The song features the R&B singer-songwriter Suran.

Joining him on vocals is indie singer-songwriter SURAN. Taeyong will feature on the R&B singer Suran’s upcoming EP Flyin’ Part.1 on the song ‘Diamonds’. The EP will be released on March 23.

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NCT’s Taeyong has surprised fans with the launch of his YouTube Channel.

On March 14, Taeyong announced via NCT’s Twitter account that he had opened a YouTube Channel TY TRACK.

Taeyong will share mini vlogs and videos about his daily life, music, performances, trying new things, and chilling at home on the channel. Fans can expect to have a better look at Taeyong’s artistic side and connect more with him both as an artist and as a person.

TY TRACK was opened on February 28 but not announced until March 14; six hours after the announcement, the channel has 212K subscribers. March 14 is also another important date for Taeyong and Czennies, as it marks one year since Taeyong opened his official SoundCloud.

On naming the channel “TY TRACK”, Taeyong said, “I think my channel will be called TY TRACK, a phrase that’s been with me from the start. It’s a meaningful word to me, and a lot of my fans know it too, so I decided on TY TRACK.” – “TY TRACK” is the iconic phrase used by Taeyong in the Red Velvet’s song ‘Be Natural’ while he was still part of SMRookies.

After the announcement of opening TY TRACK, Taeyong took on Bubble and said, “Because everyone says they receive strength from me, I’m also always thinking what kind of strength I could give you. Whatever it may be and whatever I do, it’s all really for you. Of course, I’m also having fun doing it. Thank you so much for congratulating me.”; he also shared that the first video release is not too far away, “same time as today” (6 pm KST) but can’t reveal more than that and to visit “TyongTube” a lot.

Meanwhile, Taeyong will feature on the R&B singer Suran’s upcoming EP Flyin’ Part.1 on the song ‘Diamonds’. The EP will be released on March 23.

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