(G)I-DLE redefine TOMBOY in new single

The group is back with their first studio album I Never Die


After almost a one-year break, (G)I-DLE make their comeback to the music scene with their first studio album, I Never Die, and the title track ‘TOMBOY’.

The album features nine tracks and the group wanted to “show spirit and determination”, according to leader Soyeon. “It’s about speaking out against prejudices, exuding confidence that ‘I’m just me,'” added Minni during the album showcase on March 14. The title track ‘TOMBOY’ embodies the album’s concept through straightforward lyrics and visuals in a very dynamic and straight-in-your-face music video. Soyeon participated in writing both the lyrics and melody for the song.

There is an explicit version of ‘TOMBOY’, and it will be available on the physical version of the album.

Soyeon also worked on the tracks ‘Don’t Stop Me’, ‘Villain Dies’, and ‘My Bag’; during the showcase, she mentioned how she prepared the album with the mindset of a new group facing its debut, as her group was returning after a long break and wanting to express the fighting spirit and determination of the band in the title of the album. Minnie and Yuqi also participated in the production of the new album. The former wrote and composed “Already” and “Escape” and the latter wrote and composed “Polaroid” and “Liar.”

Debuting in May 2018 as a six-member group, (G)I-DLE have released many popular songs such as ‘Latata’, ‘Oh My God’ and their biggest hit ‘Hwaa’. I never Die comes after their fourth EP I Burn, released in January 2021. The release topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 52 countries.

I Never Die is available on all the major streaming platforms.

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