Louis Tomlinson’s Away From Home Festival was a huge success

The first edition of the music festival entirely curated by him went beyond every expectation!


When Louis Tomlinson announced the Away From Home Festival a few weeks ago “to say thank you for all the support and celebrate the return of live music” we all knew it was going to be amazing but, as usual, he managed to go way beyond our expectations last night. I don’t know how he does that every single time, I guess that’s another of his so so so many talents!

Preceded by wonderful bands The Snuts and Bilk and special guest DJ Radio 1’s Jess Iszatt – very VERY appreciated by Louies 🏳️‍🌈 – our Tommo was supposed to perform at 9 pm but was probably too excited that he couldn’t even wait and came on stage earlier.


The setlist consisted of all the tracks from his awesome debut album Walls (he messed up some lyrics but shhh), the revised version of his debut single Just Hold On, some covers he’s loyal to and some One Direction bops.

He also finally blessed us again singing ‘Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy’ and had the audacity to be impressed when everyone knew the lyrics by heart after “listening to it only once” during his December livestream…who’s gonna tell him we’ve cried every single day over that song in the past eight months?

He performed a new tune as well called ‘Change’, a ballad he had hinted at when some fan asked him about the setlist few days ago. Yeah “the odd change” was ‘Change’. He’s so extra, we stan.






Both COACOAC and ‘Change’ will also be on LT2, an album which is already saving the music industry before even being released!

Louies could leave a message for Tommo and there were so many in such a short time that I really hope he can read them all so he can feel all the love and appreciation from his dedicated fans ❤️

“It’s been a great first show back! You have blown my fucking mind tonight Crystal Palace. You’ve been incredible! I’ve spent months speculating, what it might feel like, what it might look like, what it might sound like and, as per fucking usual, you went beyond my fucking expectations!” Tomlinson said at the end of the show. Little did he know that’s exactly how Louies feel every single time he comes up with any idea.

The show will be available online on Saturday 4th for Louies who didn’t manage to be there yesterday – or for those who did but still want to cry over HQ footage – on Veeps and you can get tickets here. There’s gonna be a 30 minutes documentary and I can’t wait to find out more!

Also, if you – like me 💔 – weren’t able to attend, don’t despair! As Tomlinson himself said, he hopes the Away From Home Festival becomes an annual thing, maybe in a different country every year. And so do we, that’s for sure.

Louis looked so happy and excited to be finally back on stage, smiling and buzzing the whole time. His vocals were on point (as his vocal coach Helene said he’s been spending a lot of time working on that during the past months), he sounded confident, he owned the stage, he entertained the crowd, he just simply SMASHED IT.


His whole family being there for him and the special mention to his mum before singing “Two Of Us” – “I love you, mum” – had already tested our hearts but the last straw was definitely the speech he gave to thank his fans for all the support and to say once again how much he loves us. He was so overwhelmed that he struggled for words – and Louis Tomlinson NEVER does – repeating “I f*cking love you” and I think that’s beautiful.


The best is yet to come, “it’s time to start f*cking winning” and, at every single step, we will be here to tell you how much we f*cking love you too, Louis.


“Any opportunity I can be with you lot, any time I’m on stage, I will. You guys make me feel fucking invincible, I love it.”
You ARE invincible. We are lucky to stan you and we couldn’t love you more.

You might have created the Away From Home Festival, but you never fail to make us all feel at home and we will never thank you enough for that ❤️



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  1. Rose says

    Thank you so much for this article Gabriella. I really like every line of it

  2. Sulmira says

    Louis siendo feliz es todo lo que me hace bien. Lo está haciendo increíble y tengo la suerte de verlo crecer como artista. Lo amo 🙂

  3. Ste says

    Very Awesome and Help full Article. It really helps me. thanks for sharing this.

  4. Pragati Sharma says

    Thanks for this article.
    This amazing event is not getting the deserved media attention.
    The best thing about the event was that it was so, so full of love. His love for us, how he arranged all that, planning every minute detail and making it free! AND our love for him… His smile is so precious for us, makes us genuinely happy and satisfied to see him happy like that. The whole point of the event for me was to see my Louis smile 🙂
    Love him and his music so much. X

    Thanks again, for this article.

  5. emmie says

    Thank You so much for this article! Love him and his Music, Can’t wait for his new album!

  6. Lili says

    He’s such an angel, he deserves all the happiness in the world

  7. Camila says


  8. Barbara Basquinas says

    Thank you for sharing this with us, awesome! A breather for us living on the other side of the world clouded by uncertainty and loneliness under this pandemic. I am very proud of my Tommo and with his music, soulful and endearing.

  9. Emily says

    Awesome article! Louis is awesome and I love that your giving the festival the attention it deserves

  10. Irene Ramirez says

    Gracias por la,cobertura del festival y su articulo. Louis Tomlinson es unico, talentoso y gran ser humano.
    Artista en toda la extension de la palabra.
    Su musica es sencilla, personal y autentica. Sus fans lo amamos y el es nuestro sol.

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