Louis Tomlinson is starting his own music management company

The singer-songwriter came online to share with his fans his intention to help develop new artists.


It was a calm and slow afternoon when Louis Tomlinson decided to come online and drop the bomb on us all: He’s going to start his own music management company!

When he tweeted at the beginning of the week to let us know that he had had his wisdom teeth out and that he’d be on “in a few days,” we thought it would be to chat with us as he often does. Nobody could have imagined what he actually meant.

He has also clarified that at this stage it’s still an idea and that sharing it with us was just his way “to take the first step of actualising” it and finding even more motivation and determination to pursue this project.

After the initial surprise, we gotta admit that this doesn’t sound that foreign and out of place at all. Louis is the one who fought One Direction’s management so the boys could be included more in the writing process and change their sound. He also fought his own label to release the music he wanted to, despite their disagreement.

And now he wants to fight for other artists as well, so they don’t have to go through what he had to; so they can be treated with the respect and care they deserve, even if they don’t “fit the traditional pop role.”

Louis wants to help discover new artists that don’t necessarily fit with the standards someone else imposed. He wants to give everyone a chance to pursue their dreams and express their talent and art while feeling supported and cared for by their own teams — which sadly doesn’t always happen in entertainment. And who better than a person who’s experienced first-hand how ruthless – and not meritocratic – the music industry can be sometimes?

Artists he’s going to sign don’t even know how lucky and blessed they are for meeting someone who has so much knowledge, experience, desire for justice, compassion, warmth.

Louis has also proved more than once how much he loves and is good at mentoring. In 2018, despite being the youngest judge on The X-Factor, he was described as the hardest working. He got so invested that he spent 14 hours a day coaching his Boys category and even contestants from other categories.

“I think he is outstanding, I think he is absolutely wonderful. The way he looks after the boys; he is there from 9am until 10 at night — last night I think he left at 11pm or something like that. He has been great for the lads, absolutely phenomenal,” Giovanni Spano, one of that year’s contestants declared.

There’s no doubt that whenever and however he decides to move forward, he will do an amazing job. His Louies are ready to witness him succeed in yet another field. I mean, “CEO LOUIS TOMLINSON” sounds so cool and hot… No wonder we got it trending worldwide together with “PROUD OF LOUIS” — because yes, we are.

When a fan asked if this would affect his own music, touring, and plans, Louis was quick to reply no, and, despite obviously being glad his career won’t be put on hold, part of us still hopes one day he’s gonna be his own boss.

I mean he’s always been the boss, hasn’t he???

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Louis Tomlinson revealed the Walls tracklist on a Saturday in January, confirmed his split from Syco Record Label on a Saturday in July, and announced his awesome project to launch his own music management company on a Saturday in March. Since “one coincidence is just a coincidence, two coincidences are a clue, three coincidences are proof,” I think we can all agree that Saturday is the new day of our lord and saviour Louis Tomlinson who’s going to take over the whole music industry soon and “no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop him now.”

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