Justin Bieber is back with his new single Hold On

We will definitely hold on — to this song!


I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’ve been obsessed with Justin Bieber since he released his first single “One Time” in 2009. Since that day, we saw Justin become one of the biggest popstars, with his lesser days but also with his good days. And this past Friday was a very good day, because Justin dropped his new single “Hold On” and Beliebers couldn’t be prouder!

Compared to his last album Changes, which had a R&B sound, “Hold On” brings Justin back to pop. Very catchy pop, at that. Justin already explained that he wants to go in a new direction with his sixth studio album. “In a time when there’s so much wrong with this broken planet we all crave healing and justice for humanity,” he tweeted. But whatever direction Justin takes, Beliebers will always follow and support his dreams and music.

And by the way, did I forget to mention that he also dropped a music video for his new single? Or shall I say… a short movie?

The music video he filmed for “Hold On” is an absolute masterpiece. In the video, which is directed by Colin Tilley, you see Justin and actress Christine Ko portraying a couple. The girl in the music video has cancer, and they need money for her cancer treatment, which leads to Justin grabbing his motorcycle to rob a bank.

Personally I think the story behind the music video is beautiful, and it matches perfectly up with the song.

We can’t wait for more music from Justin. But the wait won’t be too long — Justin will release his sixth studio album JUSTICE on March 19.

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