Louies, are you ready for Bigger Than Me project?

Louis Tomlinson’s fans are back with a project to support his brand new single Bigger Than Me in different ways.


When Louis Tomlinson said that he thinks of him and his Louies “as one entity”, he was so right! So, it comes as no surprise that they are back with a new fan project to support ‘Bigger Than Me’, the lead single from his upcoming highly anticipated sophomore album, Faith In The Future, out on November 11th – preorder here!

Starting on Friday, September 16th at midnight UTC, it will last three days and will see Louies from all over the world divided by #TeamFaith and #TeamFuture, mostly separated by continent, except for some countries with the most active fandoms that are already assigned to a team ONLY in order to try to make the competition as fair as possible.

#TeamFaith will include: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Italy, Philippines; North America, Africa and Oceania.
#TeamFuture will include: Mexico, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Germany, India; Asia and Europe (except for Italy and Philippines, of course).
LatAm countries not mentioned are free to choose which team they want to support.

Louis Tomlinson Bigger Than Me music video
Louis Tomlinson in Bigger Than Me music video – Image source

The project will focus on supporting ‘Bigger Than Me’ in different ways and across different platforms: there are gonna be streaming parties featuring Renaissance app and challenges involving Spotify, Twitter, Shazam and teams are gonna get point if they reach specific goals.

You can find more detailed information – in a few languages because Louies learned to be the kindest from the best – here and I’d also recommend to follow @FITFproject on Twitter so you can stay up to date since they already announced they’re gonna be active again for Faith In The Future release as well.

Let’s show Louis how much we love him – and this wonderful track – by joining #BTMProject and see which team is gonna win! Also, don’t forget to let us know which side you’re on: are you #TeamFaith or #TeamFuture?

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  1. Ash says

    i never met such a great famdon to help his idol with big projects until i saw the louies. And I’m really excited for FITF, louis has let it be known that he’s outdone himself doing it, really proud of this man, deserves all the support! ❤️

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