NCT 127 are on full speed in the 질주 (2 BADDIES) music video

NCT 127 have pre-released the title track from their fourth full-length album


NCT 127 have released the music video for their brand new single ‘질주 (2 BADDIES)’.

The visuals are a wonderful concoction of neon colours, lights and kinetic elements – with some of the settings and outfits reminding of BIGBANG’s ‘BAE BAE’ and GD X TAEYANG ‘GOOD BOY’.

The music video opens to a neon up close of Mark and does a transition into Yuta and Taeyong. Both group and solo scenes are full of colours and details that will leave fans’ mesmerised. Worth mentioning Jaehyun’s rap part – and visuals – that unexpectedly pops hard in the song and the bridge that is represented in the music video with black and white cinematography of Jaehyun and Jungwoo under the rain – it pulls listeners and viewers out of the NEO SEOUL world before Haechan demands them to come back for the grand finale.

The song is an actual NEO song. The lyrics and the sound exude all NCT 127 confidence as they are ready to race towards their next big achievements in their career. 

The music video was released on September 15 at 6 pm KST after the group went live for a special countdown on YouTube and TikTok to greet fans and increase the excitement for the upcoming release.

NCT 127‘s fourth full-length album 질주 (2 BADDIES) will be available from September 16 at 1 pm KST. You can still pre-save and pre-order the album here.

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NCT 127 will hold a large-scale comeback show to celebrate the release of 질주 (2 BADDIES) on September 16 at 8 pm KST. The group will perform the new songs, including the title track ‘질주 (2 BADDIES)’, and other special stages. The comeback show will be broadcast on Beyond Live.

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