Anne-Marie teams up with Aitch on Psycho

The new track puts a spin on the classic Mambo No 5


Anne-Marie is back with a brand new era. The singer has released ‘Psycho’ featuring Aitch, her first new music since her 2021 album Therapy.

Fans were first treated to a teaser of ‘Psycho’ back in June, when Anne-Marie posted a snippet of her working on it in the studio. Gracey and Billen Ted were involved in the creation of the song, following them both supporting Anne-Marie on tour.

‘Psycho’ is a track about calling out a cheating ex who acts as if you’re the psychopath. It interpolates Mambo No 5 (A Little Bit Of…) and puts its own spin on the classic song, listing names of several different women.

In an interview with Time Out, Anne-Marie revealed more about the song’s message.

“Words are triggering, I’ve always been a very emotional and obsessive person. Now I believe in standing up for myself – there’s no bad in saying how you feel. This song is finally saying it to all the boyfriends I’ve had: I wasn’t the problem, you made me feel like I was, and that was damaging.’


This is Anne-Marie’s first time working with British rapper Aitch. Check out their music video above!


‘Psycho’ by Anne-Marie featuring Aitch is out now.

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