Anne-Marie shares Beautiful music video for a special cause

It tells the story of a Syrian-born woman named Dima


Anne-Marie has released a brand new music video for her song ‘Beautiful’. The track, co-written with Ed Sheeran, is from her latest album Therapy which came out in the summer. It delivers an important message about embracing your imperfections and seeing your inner beauty.

Now she’s created a music video for ‘Beautiful’, and it’s all for a special cause. It tells the story of a Syrian-born woman named Dima, who Anne-Marie got to know through her work with the charity Choose Love.

The video begins with a flashback to footage from a war scene, as we see a bomb being dropped and the effects of it. A young woman gets out of bed and uses crutches to walk over to the mirror. She introduces herself by typing on a laptop – “Hello. My name is Dima. I am a runner from Syria. A stupid bomb cost me a leg.”

We see her create a GoFundMe page and get to follow her rehabilitation progress as she raises money to buy a running prosthesis. The page is linked in the description, where you can learn more about her injury and hear Dima’s story in her own words.

The video has a hopeful ending as Dima finally achieves her dream – to run again. Now she’s working towards her goal of competing in the paralympics, after the injury meant she could no longer participate in the running olympics.

“I am so inspired by your strength,” Anne-Marie wrote in a tweet. If you love the video and would like to support Dima on her journey to the paralympics, check this link.

Support Choose Love by heading over to their store, where you can buy essential supplies for winter, such as warm blankets, kids coats and mental health care.

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