The Driver Era talk to us prior to their latest album release

The Driver Era are gearing up to release their third album, Summer Mixtape.


The Driver Era have been taking the US by storm on their recent summer tour and right now, they’re preparing for the release of their new album and also gearing up for the rest of their world tour.


Summer Mixtape is due out on 16th September and is Ross and Rocky Lynch’s third studio album. Prior to the release, the alternative duo have been teasing fans by releasing new tracks that are expected on the album. Both Keep Moving Forward and Malibu have had extremely positive reactions from fans. Speaking about Malibu, the duo said: “Malibu is about reminiscing on experiences in the best locations. It’s about getting away. It’s the spontaneous trip you take with someone — maybe you knew them before, or maybe you’re meeting them for the first time.”

It hasn’t even been a year since The Driver Era released their last album, Girlfriend, proving that they are certainly eager for fans to hear their new songs. With almost 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, their fans are also eager for new music from the band. In recent months since Girlfriend was released, Ross and Rocky have received support from Notion, Clash, L’Officiel, Paper and Entertainment Tonight.

I quickly spoke with The Driver Era about their upcoming album and their current tour. The answers are collective from both Ross and Rocky.

Congrats on announcing your third album – we’re all so pumped for it! How will this album differ from your last two albums?
This is the first album that we’ve used our own mixes, which is why we ended up calling it Summer Mixtape. It’s super organic, fun, and all around good vibes!

You’ve already given your fans a few teasers with your latest releases such as Malibu and Keep Moving Forward. Do they sum up the vibe of Summer Mixtape?
I think those tracks are definitely two different vibes that you’ll hear on the album, but there are definitely a lot of other experimental sounds that we haven’t played with before. It’s definitely different than our last two records, but I think everyone will be able to find something they like on it.

Right now, you’re also on a US tour which will soon take you all around the globe. How is that going so far?
We actually just finished the US tour which was incredible. We sold out pretty much every show. Literally the day the album comes out, we’re getting on a plane and heading to Japan. We’re so excited to see our fans in other countries that we haven’t seen in so many years!

Will you be singing any new songs on the tour once the album is released?

Your fans have certainly got plenty to look forward to! Are there any other surprises up your sleeve for the near future?
We always have something up our sleeve! Just keep an eye out on socials – when we’re ready to announce anything else, the fans that follow us on social media will hear it first!

You heard it here first, make sure you are following The Driver Era on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to hear any new announcements!

Summer Mixtape is available on all platforms from 16th September. You can also catch The Driver Era on tour around the globe later this year, dates are listed here.

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