Gifts For: Book Lovers


If you’ve got a book lover in your life, chances are you’ll be on the hunt for the perfect gifts for book lovers at some point. Whether it’s for holidays, birthdays, or just to make the avid reader in your life special, these gifts for book lovers are unique and fun. Safe to say your friendly bookworm already has all the classics, so you’ll be much safer choosing one of these.

gifts for book lovers


1. ‘Unlocking Worlds: A Reading Companion for Book Lovers’ UK / US

This reading companion is described as “a testament to how reading passionately—and compassionately—can unlock the world beyond our back yard.” The author shares 15 reading lists combined with personal stories and illustrations.

2. Tan Leather Book Necklace from the Literary Gift Company UK / US

This necklace is handmade with an actual leather-bound book your gift receiver can write in to personalize. No two are the same!

3. Jane Eyre Book Tote from Litographs UK / US

The bag might appear blue, but the blue actually comes from the entire text of Jane Eyre, printed in tiny letters.

4. ‘Paperback’ Cologne from the Library of Fragrance UK / US

The Library of Fragrance describes this scent as “just like your favourite second hand bookshop.” They even suggest other scents to mix it with to create something entirely unique.

5. ‘Of Mice And Men’ Mug from Gone Reading UK / US

This mug features the classic Penguin Books edition of the cover in the iconic burnt orange color. Could induce flashbacks of required school reading.

6. ‘Pemberley’ Scented Candle from Uncommon Goods UK / US

Everyone loves a good candle, but book lovers especially will love a good candle that evokes a famous literary place.

7. ‘Books & Tea’ Phone Case from RedBubble UK / US

If you’ve got a book lover who’s always got their phone in one hand and a book in the other, this cute case is the perfect accessory. They may need a third hand to hold the tea, though.

8. Custom Library Book Stamp from Etsy UK / US

Let your book collector stamp all their tomes with their name. It’s a unique touch that’ll also remind book borrowers who they’ve borrowed from!


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