Adam’s “Anti Valentine’s Day” Gift Guide


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Valentine’s Day. The one day where being single can suck. I’m pretty much used to it after 23 years. So naturally, I’m pretty good at buying gifts for myself and loving my single life.

So for all you amazing people who will be single for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. I’m going to help you out with some “Anti Valentine’s Day” gifts for you and your friends. Words of wisdom: treat yourself.

1. ‘How to be Single’ DVD U.S. / U.K.

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Get some girlfriends (or boyfriends!) and some popcorn. It’s time to sit back and relax with this hilarious comedy about being single (duh!). I actually love the message it has at the end—so important. Worth a watch.

2. “Fries before guys” clothes and accessories U.S. / U.K.

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Screw all men. And I don’t mean that literally. Or do I? One of my favourite slogans is “fries before guys.” If you love food (especially fries) as much as I do, these are totally for you. I found a complete accessory and clothing range dedicated to it. You’re welcome.

3. Little Mix – ‘Glory Days’ Deluxe Edition U.S. / U.K. / iTunes

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This is literally the only album you’ll need on Anti Valentine’s Day, #GirlPower. With a lot of addictive and beat-dropping songs, you’ll be drinking and having fun before you know it. Don’t forget to do the slut drop during ‘Power’.

4. “Pizza is my Valentine” mug U.S. / U.K.

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Because we all need a mug like this in our lives. And actual pizza. Don’t forget to order some with all your single friends. Go on honey, sip that tea. Or spill it, whatever works. You deserve it. Pour a little vodka in it… what? Who said that?

5. Drunk, stoned or stupid? U.S. / U.K.

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Gather all your friends, have some drinks and immerse yourself in this hilarious game. The first player reads a card aloud to the group and everybody has to accuse someone in that group who would do it and why. For example: “Would date a sugar daddy.” You’d pick the most likely candidate based off past stories, personality etc. I’ve played it, and it’s a dangerous game. Caution: may or may not lose friends.

Please be advised that one or all of these gifts may require some alcohol to enhance these experiences. You’re welcome.

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