The last 5 books you should read this summer


Summer is tragically winding down; with August nearly done, the cold weather will be here before you know it. But before we pull out the boots and sweaters and pumpkin spice everything, let’s get to the beach a few more times with these last 5 books you should read this summer.

literary starbucks cover1. ‘Literary Starbucks’

Author: Nora Katz (Author), Wilson Josephson (Author), Jill Poskanzer (Author), Harry Bliss (Illustrator)

Available: August 23rd in the US and UK

Why this should be your end-of-summer pick: The perfect book to flip through and chat about while on the beach with your friends, ‘Literary Starbucks’ asks the age-old question—what would your favorite literary characters and authors order at Starbucks? The original idea started out as a blog, and its online popularity inspired this published version. The book is filled with little stories that imagine what would happen when, say, Frodo Baggins walks into his local Starbucks (Samwise orders for him, FYI). Many of the stories even have accompanying illustrations that are as cute they are whimsical.

Will You Won't You Want Me

2. ‘Will You Won’t You Want Me’

Author: Nora Zelevansky

Available: Now in the US and UK

Why this should be your end-of-summer pick: This one is not just another book about a Manhattan girl who works in PR. Well, it starts out like that, except main character Marjorie (known to her high school classmates as “Madgesty”) almost immediately loses her Manhattan PR job as she realizes she peaked too soon and her glory days are behind her. When she’s forced to move to Brooklyn and find a new job, Marjorie’s story of feeling like a washed up prom queen turns into a coming-of-age tale with romantic undertones that keep the book lighthearted but with a lesson to be learned. Perfect for those struggling to come to terms with the world of “adulting.”

Grasshopper Jungle Andrew Smith3. ‘Grasshopper Jungle’

Author: Andrew Smith

Available: Now in the US and UK

Why this should be your end-of-summer pick: Do not be put off by the apparent theme. This novel is beautifully crafted and explores a whole number of themes ranging from homosexuality to drugs to really peel back the imagination of the reader and simply encourage reflection. Yet, on the other side of this novel runs the end-of-the-world sci-fi plot line which is predicted from the artwork. Combining both the social issues and the excitement of the ‘apocalypse’ truly makes this book special.

my-life-next-door4. ‘My Life Next Door’

Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick

Available: Now in the US and UK

Why this should be your end-of-summer pick: From the cover, this may look like the usual boy-meets-girl summer read, but delve deeper into Fitzpatrick’s novel and you’ll be devouring themes ranging from class prejudice to work ethics. This teen romance handles relationships in a more mature way than previous fictions, and you’ll soon be lost amongst the tangled situations.

Eden Summer Liz Flanagan5. ‘Eden Summer’

Author: Liz Flanagan

Available: Now in the US and UK

Why this should be your end-of-summer pick: Liz Flanagan’s debut YA novel ‘Eden Summer’ is the perfect fast-paced mysterious book to round off your vacation. When Jess wakes up and goes to school, she thinks it’s a normal day, but when she finds her best friend Eden missing panic arises. Jess begins to retrace her and Eden’s summer, and in turn, digs up some buried secrets. Think ‘Pretty Little Liars’, full of flashbacks, tension, and confusion in the best possible way.


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