This is how the Jake Paul and Logan Paul prank war went down

The infamous online titans and brothers went through an ugly YouTube prank war that tested their relationship.


This is how the 2017 Logan Paul and Jake Paul fight exploded all over the internet.

Brothers Logan and Jake Paul are probably two of the most famous (and occasionally problematic) social media stars out there right now. Logan Paul currently has a combined social media reach of over 44 million, and Jake Paul has more than 30 million. Born in Ohio, the siblings reached this insane heigh of fame simply through their side hobby of filming videos. Originally starting on the 6-second video platform Vine (RIP), Logan and Jake competed with each other over who could become more popular on the site; needless to say, they both ended up winning big time.

Jake Paul has since created a Dr. Dre-inspired business called Team 10, where he mentors young, budding social media stars through the complicated (and overcrowded) landscape of viral fame. Team 10 members live with Jake and Logan in a $17,500-month rented house in Los Angeles.

But because they’re brothers, everything isn’t smoothing sailing 100% of the time. Logan’s fandom (dubbed the “Logang”) and Jake’s fandom (known as “Jake Paulers”) have watched as the siblings engaged in an epic prank war, broadcast via YouTube videos. 14 million people have watched as Logan tricked Jake into believing he was being detained by the Secret Service; 5 million saw him fill Jake’s truck with Legos; 17 million saw Logan turn Jake’s pool water into slime.

Of course, brotherly beef isn’t so bad when you’re getting millions of views—and, we’re assuming, millions of dollars—from it. Jake started out his revenge by assembling his Team 10 crew to put together a “diss track” against Logan, which is a semi-legitimate song and music video with not-so-nice lyrics about Logan.

But Jake got the ultimate revenge when he placed a billboard of Logan on one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles.

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The billboard boasts a heavily edited photo of Logan with an enlarged nose and missing tooth on a rainbow background with the words “I LOVE THIS MERCH!!! BUY SOME!” and a link to Jake’s merchandise website. Logan acts like a fairly good sport in the video when he first sees the billboard, but of course, he had to get his revenge.

Did he take it a step too far? You could probably say so. In response to Jake and Team 10’s diss track as well as the billboard, Logan enlisted the help of Jake’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet (with whom he’d had a pretty ugly, public breakup).

Just after the 2-minute mark, Alissa exits a car while Logan sings, “Uh oh that’s Alissa Violet / Used to be your chick / Now she in the Logang / And you know she on my… team.” As the music video progresses, Alissa continues dancing in the background wearing a Logang hoodie (harsh). As if that wasn’t bad enough, the song has over 100 million views to date.

If you’re reading this thinking the brothers must’ve done all this for publicity, Logan assumed you would. So he took to Twitter to say, “Quickly addressing the rumors that the beef between my brother @JakePaul and I was fake or a publicity stunt. NOT TRUE. We were both pissed off and acted on our feelings, roasted each other, but I took it too far, he apologized, and we realized that we’re better and happier when we function as a team. None of this was staged, it was just a very opportune chain of events.”

That “opportune chain of events” only seem to catapult their online fame even higher. Thankfully for the Logang and Jake Paulers, though, the brothers got over their fight and made up, forgiving each other in the way only brothers can.

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