Introducing Brika, a popstar on the rise

With an original take on R&B-pop, she's become an artist to keep our eyes on.


It’s refreshing to find an artist with a different sound—someone who gives a whole new take on a genre of music that some could easily get lost in. Our newest discovery, Brika, is the latest musician we’re keeping our eyes on.

Briana Alexa Martinez (aka Brika) is a Miami native, born and raised in the Florida area. With her vibrant Cuban roots, Brika brings something to the table that sets her apart from most pop acts today. Involved with music since the age of three, she’s been strongly building her talent and experience. Her first album ‘Voice Memos’ in 2014 showed she has true potential to become a certified popstar.

The singer has had an exciting 2017, with the release of her new single in July titled ‘Don’t Want Your Love’—a sultry R&B-esque track that delivers a much more diverse tone than anything on the radio now.

‘Just Wanna Be Single’ is the second single Brika has shared this year, another unique record that leaves us all wanting more. She has a one-of-a-kind voice that sets her apart from any other artist, making us enthusiastic for what she has yet to show us.

Brika has been steadily gaining recognition over the past few years with 12 million Spotify streams, mentions in popular magazines such as NYLON and was even featured on Live Nation’s Ones To Watch alongside artists that include LANY and LÉON.

Along with impressive musical talent, Brika shows a quirky and sweet side to her personality, making her extremely likeable among current and potential fans—it also makes us want to see her succeed even more.

Finding a new musician that really captures true talent and originality is difficult sometimes but Brika gives us all that and more. With her fresh take on R&B-pop, she proves she has what it takes to be an honest, hard-working artist that could give everyone else in the industry a run for the money.

You can follow Brika on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Listen to her latest singles ‘Don’t Want Your Love’ and ‘Just Wanna Be Single’ here.

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