Tom Felton addresses mental health in recent livestream

Tom Felton live streams on Instagram almost every other night and this week he had an extremely important message for fans.


Tom Felton has once again proved that he is nothing like the character of Draco Malfoy, who he played in the Harry Potter series. The actor is no stranger to talking about his feelings, with him most recently making global headlines after talking about his feelings towards co-star Emma Watson,  this week was no different as he went live on Instagram to discuss the importance of mental health.

Tom goes live almost every other night for his fans on Instagram, singing a few tunes and having a chat with them. Each time the Harry Potter star raises money for a different charity. Last Saturday night, Tom went live for the Youth Mental Health Project and raised over $700 in donations in just over 10 minutes.

Tom talked openly to his fans about the importance of mental health and how critical it is to remember that you’re never alone if you’re suffering.

Tom said on his live: “This last year has been a really testing time for us all, and I think it’s been a really beneficial thing for us to talk about mental health more casually and to actually celebrate the fact that we’re all struggling at times.” He added that “we are all in this together and as lonely as you feel at times, we actually all feel, ironically, lonely together”.

He has encouraged his fans to talk more openly about their struggles and to understand that they’re not the only ones suffering. You can watch his full livestream down below.

Thank you to Mr Tom Felton for continuing to spread constant positive vibes!

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