We Can Be Heroes inspired playlist featuring the best chilled out pop

Ease yourself into some of the heavier topics of Kyrie McCauley's We Can Be Heroes with the perfect chilled-out pop playlist.

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There’s nothing we love more than getting stuck into a hard-hitting YA read – and if you’re on the lookout, you’re going to love Kyrie McCauley’s ‘We Can Be Heroes‘, a heartbreaking, intelligent exploration of an all-too-real menace. 

Set in a small town where the economy is reliant on a local gun manufacturer, friends of a young woman shot to death by her boyfriend are visited by her ghost. 


Told in an alternating third-person narration, one of which is in verse form, this powerful story of the friendship between Beck, Vivian, and Cassie is at once an intensely personal tale of traumatic grief and an examination of domestic violence and the sociopolitical forces of the gun lobby.

To help ease you into some of the heavier topics, we’ve created the perfect chilled-out pop playlist. So if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed as you get further engrossed in the story, simply press play below and take a few minutes. 

You can order a copy of Kyrie’s ‘We Can Be Heroes’ now here

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