The ultimate What Makes You Beautiful quiz – 9 year anniversary edition

Can you believe One Direction's iconic debut single released 9 years ago? Just how much do you still remember?


It’s hard to believe that What Makes You Beautiful entered our lives exactly NINE years ago today. Do you remember where you were the first time you heard it?

The answer is different for everyone but most can agree, our lives have changed drastically since – nine years is a long time!

The debut single was incredibly successful at defining the new band. It opened the doors for so much more and remains beloved to this day. After all these years, rather than shying away from such an early song, Harry Styles still loves to perform it!

I’m sure for most of us, WMYB brings back a lot of cherished nostalgia, but just how many details surrounding the song do you still remember? Take the ultimate WMYB quiz below and find out. When you’ve finished, tell us what you scored at @unitedbypop or in the comments below – you might even learn something new.  🙂


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