Which solo One Direction merch piece suits you best? *includes LT drop 1*

Out all the varied merch to choose from between OT5, which one matches your style the best? Louis Tomlinson inspired this quiz with his recent "drop 1" merch. What do you make of it?


Nobody is really sure what the story is behind the new and mysterious DNA patterned merch that appeared in Louis Tomlinson‘s Official Store, last week. It’s apparently the first of a few “merch drops” that are yet to come. T-shirts, hoodies, tanks, and a tote bag all bear the new design.


We’re just asking: how many “merch drops”  might there be, what’s the reason behind this specific design and timing- and why so vague? Whatever the answer is, we’re sure to find out more as additional items get released.

In the meantime, (since we’re thinking about merch) why not see which one of the 1D boys merch aesthetic suits you best?  🙂

When you’ve finished, tell us what you scored at @unitedbypop or in the comments below!

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