Sigrid releases new single and announces new album

Sigrid is back with new music and an exciting announcement.


It seems like 2022 is proving to be the year of new music and exciting announcements from our favorite artists and that’s just the case with Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid.

Earlier this week, the singer released her highly anticipated single “It Gets Dark” after teasing it first on TikTok. An ode to accepting the bad times so the good things can break through, the new song shows yet again Sigrid’s talent of crafting something so personal, yet, universal.

“I believe you need to feel the lows in life to feel the highs, and you have to know what sucks to then properly appreciate the good stuff,” said Sigrid. “‘It Gets Dark’ is an ode to that.”

The new single, which recorded all of its instruments live, also combines the singer’s signature stadium-esque sound — something we have seen with her other singles “Mirror,” “Burning Bridges,” and most recently, her collaboration with Griff on “Head on Fire.”

Compared to these songs, “It Gets Dark” has something uniquely different. It approaches a more alternative pop sound and with its intergalactic imagery, it takes you on a musical ride.

But Sigrid’s musical ride doesn’t stop there because the singer has also announced the release date of her sophomore album. The new record, How To Let Go, will feature 12 tracks and is set to be released on May 6. And with upcoming performances in LA and NYC, fans are sure to get a taste of the new song and much more.

Sigrid’s new single “It Gets Dark” is available to stream and pre-save the new album How To Let Go here.

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