3 reasons why One Direction should reunite and why they shouldn’t

Is it time for the world-famous boyband to get back together?


We’ll never forget the inevitable day when One Direction announced their hiatus. It was 2015 and we were still reeling from Zayn‘s absence. They promised to come back soon but the rational voice inside our heads told us otherwise. With 2019 coming to a close soon, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn have had the chance to release their own music, showing off a different style, inching away from their bubblegum pop image.

Recently, Liam revealed in an interview that the probability of a reunion depended on the mindset of each member. He also implied that their relationship isn’t as close as it used to be saying, “We worked together for five years… we really didn’t have that much in common except for that we had a job together. Now we don’t have that job together any longer, there’s not really any real reason for us to talk that often which is fine. You’re not gonna be best friends with everyone.”

Our little One Direction hearts could barely handle that tidbit of information. While we long for a reunion, maybe it’s not exactly the right time for one. Here’s why they should and why they shouldn’t.

Why they should:

1. More music

Boybands continue to dominate. There’s BTS‘ exciting rise as well as the Jonas Brothers’ epic comeback—but we can’t deny we miss the comfort of a good One Direction song. For five years straight, the group released five albums, delivering bubbly pop greatness each time. Their tracks still play occasionally on radio stations across the country despite their absence the past few years. What would life be like without hearing Zayn’s iconic high note in “You and I” or going nuts when “No Control” blasts from our speakers? The answer is: pointless.

2. More tours

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of One Direction’s prime was the live show. They traveled across the world—from Australia to Brazil to Japan—performing for fans everywhere. And while we loved hearing some of our all-time favorite tracks being sung by the boys, the onstage shenanigans were the best. From Harry dramatically falling to the whole band taking selfies during the concert, they’re all occurrences we loved watching and gushing about all over Twitter. More One Direction tours mean more playful banter and funny inside jokes only fellow fans would understand.

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3. They understand fame better.

When One Direction first formed, they were wide-eyed teenagers. They didn’t quite grasp the overwhelming nature of fame and what would come with it. Now as they near their late 20s, they’ve grown up both mentally and emotionally. The boys have recognized the effects of growing up in the spotlight and kept themselves grounded, surrounding themselves with people who want the best for them personally and professionally. No doubt they had to endure social climbers and fame-hungry “pals” purposely using them for their notoriety rather than their friendship. A reunion after each member’s personal growth could be good and an even better experience for the group as a whole—they’ll know better this time around.

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Why they shouldn’t:

1. They need to grow as artists on their own. 

People tend to forget that the members of One Direction auditioned for The X Factor intending to be solo. The decision to put them into a group was solely based on luck—and hell, did it work in their favor. After their inevitable hiatus announcement, the boys have released their own music, all differing from each other in so many ways. Harry took the classic indie-rock road while Niall traveled down the folk-pop genre. Zayn went the R&B-esque route and Louis and Liam maintained a pop sound more maturely. It further proves that they need time to grow creatively on their own, not weighed down by the pressures of keeping up with the sparkly One Direction persona.

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2. They need to go at their own pace.

We’d be lying if One Direction weren’t overworked. During their five year reign, they cranked out five albums that coincided with five world tours—that’s a lot jam-packed into half a decade. The boys rarely had time to spend with family or friends and any reprieve from their jobs. While there was no doubt they loved achieving record-breaking milestones—four of their five albums all debuted at no. 1—the constant work took a toll on their mental health. We’ll never forget Zayn’s shocking departure in 2015, later citing One Direction’s image and work schedule difficult to keep up with. Liam also recently confessed he struggled with alcohol abuse during his time with the band. While the boyband brought us a heap load of joy in the years they were together, it’s hard to hear they might have not felt the same. Either way, the independence they possess now as solo artists allows them the chance to go at their own pace without the pressures of high-caliber fame.


3. They have grown out of that phase of their career. 

Just like we mentioned earlier, the group has matured—not only professionally but personally as well. While a reunion would make dedicated fans overjoyed, it might not be for the best. One Direction’s constant rule over pop music gave them so much fame that they almost didn’t know how to handle it. Since their 2015 “breakup,” each member has had the chance to find themselves without living in the shadow of another person. Writing, recording, performing, and touring during those five years was done best together—they could lean one another when times were tough because only they could understand. If they did it alone, the possibility of longevity wasn’t likely. Now the boys get what comes with music careers—the hard work, recording sessions, and high-profile meetings. They know who to trust and how to cope. The necessity for right-hand men is no longer needed.


As much as it hurts to say, maybe One Direction shouldn’t reunite. The reasons why they should get back together might not overpower the reasons why they shouldn’t. For now, we’ll reminisce on the good ol’ times and enjoy the music they release as solo artists. At the moment, they’re happy and in the process of discovering themselves—as true fans, that’s all we can hope for.

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