15 One Direction songs that were Grammy-worthy

The list is absolutely endless but somehow we narrowed it down to these few bangers.


Harry Styles and Niall Horan have a huge amount of Grammy buzz around them this year—both with No. 1 debut solo albums to match. Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne have also made a big splash on the charts, making One Direction fans overflow with pride.

Ever since coming together seven years ago, One Direction’s music has always resonated with their fanbase which raises the question: Why the hell weren’t they nominated for a Grammy? Here are some songs by the band that we think definitely deserved the music industry’s highest honor—we’re totally not being biased at all.

1. Story of My Life

Perhaps one of One Direction’s most successful songs, ‘Story of My Life’ was a possible Grammy contender. Tragically, it didn’t appear on the ballot but it remains in our hearts as one of the boyband’s best tracks—you still hear it blowing up the radio today.

2. Through the Dark

Their album ‘Midnight Memories’ was truly one for the books—breaking records left and right. ‘Through the Dark’ was a great song that showed off a folk-pop sound One Direction had never ever ventured into before and in our wildest dreams, it could’ve been the perfect award-winning song.

3. No Control

Never forget the juggernaut of a song written by Louis Tomlinson that was ‘No Control.’ Fans really campaigned for the track to be a single, making numerous social media trends to get it higher and higher on the charts. It was an amazing example of the dedication from One Direction fans.

4. Best Song Ever

As the lead single from their third album ‘Midnight Memories,’ ‘Best Song Ever’ was a great time for every One Direction fan. The hilarious music video that accompanied the song made it even more fun and showed off each member’s fairly impressive acting skills.

5. What Makes You Beautiful

You really didn’t think we’d forget ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ did you? It only seems right to include the band’s first single that instantly helped them rise to fame. Everyone remembers when this music video appeared all over social media—if you weren’t a fan, you definitely can recall scrolling past big, curly-haired Harry Styles on Tumblr. It’s a shame this iconic song wasn’t in the running for a Grammy since it remains a staple track in music history forever.

6. Over Again

Penned by Ed Sheeran, One Direction really brought it home with ‘Over Again’ from their second album ‘Take Me Home.’ It gave a more serious and honest look into the talent of each member—they were much more than a simple, pop group.

7. Stockholm Syndrome

Written by Harry, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was a little taste into a different kind of sound from the group. Harry’s continuously shown this song love, even performing it on his solo tour.

8. Perfect

Now, ‘Perfect’ was an absolute pop dream and in our opinion, the ideal contender for any type of prestigious award especially a Grammy. As the second single from ‘Made In The A.M.,’ this song became a fan-favorite instantly.

9. What a Feeling

‘What a Feeling’ immediately became a fan-favorite when ‘Made In The A.M.’ was released. With sounds reminiscent of the 70s, it’s a shame that this song didn’t get the recognition it deserved with a shiny award.

10. Drag Me Down

Who can forget when the boys iconically dropped ‘Drag Me Down’ in the middle of the night via social media? It had fans up in arms, not expecting the sudden single release. It shot up to No. 1 quickly, a huge accomplishment since there was no official announcement for the track which made it all the more deserving of a Grammy nom.

11. Fool’s Gold

We’re suckers for a heart-wrenching ballad and that’s exactly what ‘Fool’s Gold’ is. It’s always nice to see an artist’s journey into a more emotional side with their music and One Direction did it wonderfully.

12. Walking in the Wind

Harry continued to show off his writing chops with ‘Walking in the Wind,’ a deep, emotional song that gave ‘Made In The A.M.’ a bit more of an edge. We can’t help but drop our jaws when we hear Harry during the bridge—can’t you relate?

13. Home

Released on an EP with their single ‘Perfect,’ ‘Home’ was another heartwarming track that explored the pop-rock genre. ‘Home’ had a sound unique to the band’s usual beats and lyrics that gave a deeper meaning.

14. Fireproof

The first song the boys released from their album ‘FOUR’ was certainly one for the ages. With a chill vibe, ‘Fireproof’ was extremely popular right off the bat—harmonies between all five members creating a beautiful sound. It definitely showed off their talent as a force to reckoned with.

15. History

Last but not least is One Direction’s final single before their hiatus. ‘History’ became an anthem for their fans, showing the relationship between the boyband and their fanbase is a special one. It seemed fitting to give the group one last hurrah with a Grammy nomination for this touching track.

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