Lottie Tomlinson talks Rainbow Roots, social media hate, and staying modest

'You have to be very careful with the kind of examples you set and the things you promote."


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Lottie Tomlinson, her Instagram, and her debut book ‘Rainbow Roots’ all have one thing in common: they’re the definition of modern day cool.

From her stand-out white-blonde hair to her love for neon to her athleisure aesthetic, Lottie clearly has a look and a voice that her followers love — all 3.3 million of them (and that’s just Instagram). At only 19, she’s already traveled the world as a working makeup artist, created an online brand for herself with that substantial aforementioned following, and, most recently, released a book.

At first glance, ‘Rainbow Roots’ is like the ultimate coffee table book for teens and twenty-somethings. It has everything cool: a holographic cover, bright colors, and even a sticker pack. What elevates it beyond just decoration, though, is that the pages are filled with legitimately useful makeup advice. From a ‘Tools of the Trade’ section to how to get the best in-home tan to a step-by-step brows tutorial, ‘Rainbow Roots’ can easily become your makeup bible.

The book then goes right through the — you guessed it — rainbow, with pages dedicated to each color that are filled with photos of beautiful and edgy makeup looks on none other than Lottie herself.

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We caught up with Lottie to learn more about what went into the creation of ‘Rainbow Roots’, how it feels to be a digital role model, and what her life would be like as an FBI agent instead of a makeup artist.

What did it mean to you for Lou Teasdale to write the forward in your book?

It meant a lot for Lou to write the forward to my book because she is a massive part of the reason I’m doing this book as she gave me a chance and got me started. It was really nice to read what she wrote about me and how she’s proud of what I’ve achieved.

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What was the process like choosing which looks would be included in the book?

We looked through my Instagram and worked out what my most popular looks where and what my followers liked to see. Then we went through each colour and thought of a few different looks I loved, some eye looks some lip looks, then I wanted to include the essentials in there such a base and eyebrows, for people who might not be confident using colour.

How does it feel knowing that your book is going to be in the homes of tons of your fans?

It feels amazing, I’m so glad I can give something back to them. This book really reflects me and my personality and my passion which is makeup, and I’m glad I can share it with my followers and other makeup lovers.

Your tattoos make it into a few of the photos in your book. Can you tell us more about them?

I love tattoos, and my followers are always really interested in them and what they mean. Most of them don’t really have a meaning, apart from I have a letter ‘J’ for my mum’s name Johannah on my hand, so when I look down I can remember her. That’s my most special tattoo.

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What’s your advice for other aspiring creatives who are starting out as assistants?

I would advise people to stick at it. It can be difficult, and you can feel like you aren’t getting anywhere sometimes, but if you’re hard working and passionate enough you will get there in the end. You should always stay modest as it’s easy to get carried away in this industry.

Does updating your social media ever feel more like a job than a hobby?

It can feel like a job at times as there’s so much pressure to have the perfect theme and to upload the best quality photos and have the perfect filters, etc. It looks easy to most people, but there is a lot of work that goes into Instagram and blogging.

How do you deal with social media hate?

It used to really get to me; I’d try and change my appearance to suit people or feel insecure because of people’s comments. It look me a long time to get over that, but now I’m not affected by the hate — it really says more about the person writing it than me. I ignore it and don’t retaliate, because that’s what they want. If I do see any comments, I just delete them and move on.

Does being a role model for so many young girls come with its challenges?

It does at times, because you have to be very careful with the kind of examples you set and the things you promote. As my followers’ ages range from very young to old, it can be difficult to know what kind of message to put out there, but I try my best to be a good role model for everyone.

If you could only use mascara, lipstick, or foundation for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

Probably foundation, because I wear eyelash extensions so mascara isn’t essential for me! And I think lipstick would look strange with no base!! So I’d have to go for foundation.

Of all your Instagram photos, is there one that’s your absolute favorite?

I don’t think I could pin point one photo that is my favourite, however I always love doing holidays pics when I go away. Everything just looks better when you’re in the sun and abroad, so I always make the most of the photos opportunities when I go on holiday.

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If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?

I think I’d be a detective or an FBI agent, I love stuff like that and it’s always interested me. I watch loads of crime stuff on TV and always wonder what it would be like to work in a job like that.

When you’re not working or traveling, how do you unwind?

I love a good spa day if I’m feeling really stressed, but really the most relaxing thing for me is going back home and spending time with my family. As soon as I have time off I go home and chill out with my family, it’s my favourite thing to do!

Lottie’s book ‘Rainbow Roots’ is available now worldwide at Amazon and ASOS.

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