Niall Horan opens up about his struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder

He disclosed his struggles with mild OCD and how it affected his childhood.


In a recent interview with German children’s magazine, Zeit Leo, Niall Horan revealed his long-time struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Speaking about popularity at school, Niall said he didn’t have many friends at school because he wanted to be a musician and all the other kids at school were engrossed in sports. His ticks, he mentions, were another reason why he was not popular.

“The fact that I was like this, irritated my classmates,” he said.

Niall then went on to explain that he was diagnosed with mild obsessive compulsive disorder and has to follow set routines. For instance, while eating chips and burger, he always has to eat the chips first.

Niall also has a fixed routine that he follows before and while performing. He always sings in the same order, moves in a set way and so on. He prefers to do things immediately, or else he gets tremendously nervous.

“I live with [these habits] and they are mine no matter what others think about them,” Niall said.

Talking about your own mental health can be extremely daunting, especially on a global stage like Niall. Many fans have found solace in his confession, though, and expressed their gratitude towards him for opening up.

Undoubtedly, Niall’s openness will give create a conversation about OCD amongst his young fans and give them a safe space to share their struggles. His tremendous success as a musician despite his struggles will inspire anyone with OCD to never give up on the things they wish to achieve.

Feature Image Source: The National

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  1. Neha Shah says

    Thank you for opening up about mental health, Niall!

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