Lady Gaga’s Chromatica is the therapy, self care and dance session we needed but never knew

Chromatica is not a moment, a place nor just an album, it is a feeling and here’s all you need to know.


After months of waiting and an initial slight delay, finally, the most awaited quarantine album is out and it exceeded our expectations. Chromatica, Lady Gaga‘s sixth album is out but it is way more than just music, it is a vision of Gaga’s mind.

As we saw with Stupid Love, this album follows up a narrative of a dystopian world in which now color, diversity, and acceptance reigns. This album shows how she has been reborn and the tracks follow the same path by talking about love, health, healing, and finding inner happiness. It takes us through some experiences and emotions she went through while doing this record.

During her interview with Zane Lowe, she mentions that Chromatica is about “healing and it’s about bravery as well and it’s really like when we talk about love I think it’s so important to include the fact that it requires a ton of bravery to love someone”. And now we get why she wants to live in that world. It’s her way of setting herself free, being brave enough, loving, and forgiving her old-self to ‘start dancing again’.

Chromatica feels like a club setting in which everyone is letting themselves be free and brave. It consists of sixteen tracks which are upbeat and great for any club. It includes three collabs: Blackpink, Ariana Grande, and Elton John. She has range!

One of my personal favorite and probably one of the most wanted and awaited collabs is Sour Candy with Blackpink and let me tell you, I’m living for it. The verses, the melody, the rhythm, I am so ready to see GagaPink world domination.

No one can deny that Rain On Me is amazing nor that in the music video it serves so many visuals, choreography, and even some great looks. They are one duo we hope to see more of in 2021.

The music video inspired a lot of stans to be part of it by recreating the looks or choreography, either way, we are living for it.

On her collab with Elton John, it shows how both of them have the ability to transform your reality into something special that makes us laugh and feel great about ourselves. Healing and finding inner peace but make it dance.

Probably one of my favorite parts about this album is the transition between one track to another, Chromatica I, II, and III add a special factor to this album. They are one of the things I appreciate the most and make an album way different because you can tell Gaga planned this so much.

The whole album is an exemplification of how love and truth can change things and how perspective can change the way we keep growing as a person. Plus, at the same time, it is the gift that keeps on giving because now we can’t wait to see what future awaits for us, the Chromatica citizens. All we can say at least from now is that we will be streaming and dancing non-stop, the impact this album will have is:

Overall, what are your opinions on Chromatica? What do you think about the collabs and tracks? Let us know down below and tweet us at @UnitedByPop.

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