How to ensure your streams count towards your favourite artists new release

Here’s our guide to properly streaming an artist’s song/album on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.


It’s always an exciting time when your favorite artist releases new music, and though streams don’t matter as much as your love for music–fans still try their best to get their faves on charts. But it isn’t as simple as you think, there can be some certain restrictions and implications needed to properly get a song/album to chart–and we’re here to break it down for you to help make the most of your streaming parties.



  • Stream The Song(s) From A Playlist

Try streaming the songs/albums using a playlist–make a playlist and add the songs multiple times, and make sure you add a few other songs from the same/different artist. Use playlists that the streaming services have made such as the ‘A-List Pop’ on Apple Music or ‘Today’s Top Hits’ on Spotify to stream the songs as well.

  • Don’t Put The Volume On Mute

While streaming, do not put the song(s) on mute, otherwise, they won’t count towards streaming. If it does bother you–try using headphones or putting the volume on low.

  • Use Multiple Devices To Stream

To increase streams, try streaming from as many accounts and devices as possible.

  • Use VPNs To Stream

Big charts such as the Billboard 200 are based on streams from specific regions. If you’re international and want to increase streams for a specific chart – try using a VPN for that country. Make another Spotify/Apple Music account while using your VPN based on the charting location–that way the streams will count towards that region and their charts.

  • Listen to a track for a minimum of 30 seconds

Make sure you listen to a song for at LEAST 30 seconds–Spotify and Apple music count streams towards a song when the song has been played for a minimum of 30 seconds–so try and listen for that amount of time before skipping to a different track.

What about songs that are on repeat/loop? Do they count towards streams?

After much research, it is yet to be officially confirmed whether or not looped songs count towards streams. It is possible that they would be counted normally if the song has been streamed for at least 30 seconds, but many platforms consider it to be ‘bot behavior’ and therefore don’t count them towards the number of streams. We aren’t 100% sure on which is true, especially with different platforms having different algorithms–but we suggest avoiding keeping songs on repeat just in case. Try playing one or two songs from different artists in between just to be on the safe side! You could even create your own playlist complied with the track(s) you’re streaming and some other fun songs to get the streams up instead of keeping it on repeat. Besides–the more bops, the better!



  • Don’t Gift A Song For It To Count Towards Charting

iTunes has an option where you can gift songs or albums to friends or family members, and though this may seem like a great way to promote the song/album–gifted songs do not count towards the charts– so try not to use that as your way of streaming.

  • Buy The Song/Album

If you can, try and buy the album or song on iTunes! Sales count higher towards the charts and purchasing an album/song can increase the likeliness of appearing on a chart.



And of course, don’t forget to enjoy the music. Sometimes we can get caught up in numbers instead of the real purpose of the music. Happy streaming!

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  1. Ryan says

    Hi. Just letting you know, if you have an Apple Music account, it will take any music file you already have in your library, whether downloaded from the internet, ripped from CD, or purchased on iTunes, and “match” it to the one on Apple Music’s database. So you don’t have to delete the file on your computer. When you click play on the “matched” file, that play will count as a stream. To check to see if a file has been “matched,” right click on a song and select “Song Info,” then navigate to the “File” tab, and under “iCloud status” it should so if it’s been “matched” or “uploaded”

  2. Camila says

    In Spotify community they say you can put the song on repeat, that will count. It will count or not? Doesn’t make sense they not counting just because is on repeat. Does you guys have this information of not counting here. How you guys know doesn’t count? Thanks

  3. Purple says

    So I should put another song in between?? Can I stream 10 or 15 music from the same artist??

  4. Noalani says

    Google unfiltered streams vs filtered streams. Looping a song will not count for charting since being on repeat is considered “bot behavior”. You need to play other songs in between.

  5. Ann says

    I have a question. So spotify is not available in my country so I just downloaded it and signed in with VPN. Will my streams count if I turn off the VPN? Or do I have to turn it on every time I stream?

  6. Micheal says

    What about if we mute the laptop but the app is on full volume?

  7. Michael1 says

    “If it does bother you–try using headphones or putting the volume on low.”
    Sure I will do that.

    thank you so much

  8. Addey says

    Nice article haha! And sympathetic comments! Great to see passionate fans like me. My favorite is Roxen from Romania.

  9. Maricris Lopez says

    Is the stream counted even if I’m not in Spotify Premium?

  10. Music library says

    Hi Nuha, First of all i want to thanks for your informative article . you said While streaming, do not put the song(s) on mute, otherwise, they won’t count towards streaming. But i want to know, if I keep my laptop volume mute, then the app on full volume? And how can I buy this song? Thanks, I hope to hear from you.

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