RANKED: Little Mix’s 30 best music videos

Happy 10th anniversary Little Mix!


Cue the confetti — it has officially been 10 years since the formation of Little Mix. Ever since Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh Anne Pinnock, and former member Jesy Nelson competed on The X Factor and won in 2011, they’ve released six albums, their own music competition series, a tour film, and more.

In this decade, the group has also starred in 30 music videos, and today we’re ranking them all. Keep reading until the end to find out what their best music video is (so far), and let us know if you agree with the rankings in the comments below, or tweet us @UnitedByPop.

Starting off with a couple of honorable mentions: the music videos for “Only You” and “No Time For Tears”, collaborations with Cheat Codes and Nathan Dawe, respectively. Little Mix are credited in both music videos but do not appear in either. “Only You” tells a story between two female love interests, and one of them is a mermaid. Not only is “Only You” an extremely underrated Little Mix song, the video stands as representation for their LGBTQIA+ fans. “No Time For Tears” is a cute video that features a Little Mix fan getting the chance to be in the same music video.

30. DNA


The music video for the title track of their debut album was… something. The girls kidnap a man and hold him hostage, all while they’re being chased down by police and dancing on a rooftop. Then at the end of the video, we see the words “to be continued” across the screen. The story never continued, and maybe it was for the best.

29. Wasabi

“Wasabi” is a song from LM5 that had so much potential for a great music video because of its message, even though it was never officially a single. The girls told PopBuzz that there were plans for an official video were scrapped, but it involved a controversial television personality. Instead, we got behind the scenes clips from backstage on their LM5 tour. Oh, what could’ve been.

28. One I’ve Been Missing

The reason why “One I’ve Been Missing” is above “Wasabi” is because although they used most of the same behind the scenes clips in both videos, they added in Christmas-y solo shots of each member for their verses. It would’ve been really cool to get an extra festive video since this was their first Christmas song.

27. Change Your Life

“Change Your Life” was again, a pretty casual video with behind the scenes footage of their tour and rehearsals. However, it edged out the last two because it was a sweet video that showcased their friendship and bond coming out of The X Factor.

26. More Than Words

LM5 brought us many great music videos, but “More Than Words” wasn’t exactly their best. The song was a collaboration with singer-songwriter Kamille, who sounded heavenly with them. While they get credit for the song, a video with mostly green screen effects doesn’t cut it to me.

25. Secret Love Song


“Secret Love Song” was the third single off of Little Mix’s third album, Get Weird, and featured Jason Derulo. The song itself has to do with forbidden love, has helped and given comfort to the group’s LGBTQ+ fans. The music video was set in London, with the girls and Derulo singing to themselves and looking somber, but it didn’t offer much else with the storyline.

24. Reggaetón Lento (Remix)

Little Mix collaborated on a remix of “Reggaetón Lento” by the boyband CNCO. The video was set in a nightclub, with both groups dancing, sending stares, phone numbers, and drinks each other’s way. We also got Little Mix singing in Spanish, so overall it was a standard music video.

23. Word Up!


The group released a cover of Cameo’s song “Word Up!” for Sport Relief 2014, and the video sees Perrie, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh Anne working out and dancing in a gym. There were also a few celebrity cameos in it, including Nick Grimshaw and Mel C, aka Sporty Spice.

22. How Ya Doin’?

One of Little Mix’s greatest achievements of the DNA era, and perhaps even of all time, was collaborating with Missy Elliott, on their debut album nonetheless. Throughout the video, the girls are getting ready for a night out, and finishes with a dance sequence. We love to see it!

21. Little Me

Entirely in black and white, “Little Me” is an emotional video highlighting women and children. Since the song talks about what Little Mix would tell their younger selves, the children talk about their dreams in the beginning of the video, and the women talk about things that make them unique, their insecurities, and they give advice to the audience.

20. Wings

Little Mix’s first music video served as a perfect introduction to the group. We got their 2012 signature looks and scenes of them dancing in front of a Union Jack flag, in true British girl group fashion. The video has also racked up over 200 million views since it was uploaded.

19. Move

“Move” is the lead single off of their sophomore album Salute, and while it was a simple video, they all shone so brightly as dancers. After all, the song definitely called for an elaborate dance routine.

18. No More Sad Songs

The group collaborated on a remix of “No More Sad Songs” with Machine Gun Kelly back in 2017. The music video was based off of the movie Coyote Ugly, and sees the girls in extravagant Western-inspired outfits (a moment for Leigh Anne’s bubblegum pink chaps) in a low-key saloon. There’s line dancing, a mechanical bull, and dancing on top of a bar — what more could we ask for?

17. Break Up Song

While the official video shoot was canceled due to the pandemic last March, the original concept of an 80s newscast remained for “Break Up Song”, a synth-pop track and lead single for Confetti. Most of the video is animated, with inserts of self-recorded shots of the girls singing at home.

16. Heartbreak Anthem

In this collaboration with Galantis and David Guetta, Little Mix are dressed as angels in a circus, aptly inspired by the 1984 novel Nights at the Circus. It’s a stunning video all around.

15. Hair

“Hair” is arguably one of the most wholesome Little Mix videos. The group collaborated on a remix of the song with Sean Paul, who plays Leigh Anne’s ex-boyfriend in the video. The girls get together to comfort Leigh Anne with a sleepover to get him out of her hair.

14. Touch

“Touch” was a somewhat controversial video that sent social media into a frenzy over their dance moves. It remains one of their best music videos not just because of their individual and group dance routines, but we all remember where we were when we first watched it and said, “What in the world is Perrie wearing?” I think they’re pop culture icons for that.

13. Holiday

A very summer-y video, “Holiday” is what happens when special effects make a video great. Little Mix transform into mermaids, and it’s all we could ask for in a summer bop.

12. Salute

“Salute” was the final single for the album of the same name, and it really delivered. At this point in their careers, the production value was higher, and the dancing was bigger and better. The music video was fit for the girl power anthem, and led to the song being successful on the charts.

11. Love Me Like You

“Love Me Like You” is high on the list for its storyline: the same guy asking Jade, Leigh Anne, Jesy, and Perrie each to a school dance, and stands them all up only to show up with another girl. The vibes of the song and music video remind me of the 60s and Grease, and it’s just so cute when you don’t think about the four-timing.

10. Kiss My (Uh Oh)


Little Mix joined Anne-Marie on “Kiss My (Uh Oh)” off of Anne-Marie’s album Therapy, and the video made its way in the top 10. The quartet recreated scenes from the comedy movie Bridesmaids, for Anne-Marie’s bachelorette party. Since Perrie and Leigh Anne are noticeably pregnant in the video, they stayed at the hotel in the video while Anne-Marie and Jade partied and watched a Magic Mike-inspired show.

9. Power

Little Mix collaborated with Stormzy on a remix of “Power” as the last single for Glory Days. It was a jam-packed video that reminded me a little of “Wings”, since each member had their updated signature aesthetics. There were cameos from drag queens Alaska, Willam, and Courtney Act, as well as all four Little Mix moms. “Power” is a fiery women’s empowerment track, and there was even a Women’s March at the end.

8. Think About Us

“Think About Us” featuring Ty Dolla $ign was a particularly thoughtful video; it associates different stages of a relationship with each season. Leigh Anne’s fiance, Andre Gray, is also in the video with her… and that’s just precious!

7. Bounce Back

The release of “Bounce Back” was monumental for Little Mix because it was their first under their current label, RCA. The girls are living in a dollhouse, and they turned out so many looks, Madame Tussaud’s modeled their wax figures after this video for their tenth anniversary.

6. Woman Like Me

“Woman Like Me” was another incredible moment for Little Mix because they finally got their dream collaboration with Nicki Minaj. In the video, they celebrated not being the standard “perfect” woman. “Woman Like Me” also won British Video of the Year at the 2019 BRIT Awards.

5. Black Magic

Although Little Mix are not as obsessed with “Black Magic” these days, it was huge for making them a true global act. The music video is set in a school, where the four are nerdy characters that wind up casting a spell that gives them more confidence. It has accumulated over 831 million views, proving that 2015 would be nothing without “Black Magic”.

4. Strip

The body positive collaboration with Sharaya J deserves to be in the top 5 Little Mix music videos. It featured a diverse group of women including a few of Little Mix’s moms and sisters. “Strip” sends an incredible message to young people, and is a great hype song to get you feeling good about yourself.

3. Shout Out to My Ex

In a truly iconic moment for the group, Little Mix gave us Coachella vibes, summer road trip inspiration, and unbothered energy in one music video. They drive through the desert and lounge by the pool while getting over their exes. “Shout Out to My Ex” is undoubtedly the best video of the Glory Days era.

2. Sweet Melody

“Sweet Melody” was the third single from their most recent album, Confetti, and the music video is just as great as the song. The choreography is excellent, and the editing is just so good. Most notably, this was the last video Jesy Nelson appeared in as a member of Little Mix.

1. Confetti

“Confetti” featuring Saweetie is absolutely the best Little Mix music video, and here are the reasons why: 1) they proved all the naysayers wrong, and showed how incredible they are as a trio, 2) Saweetie’s verse, 3) Bimini, Tayce, and A’Whora from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, 3) the comedic chops from the three of them as themselves, and their male doppelgängers in the bathroom scene, and finally, 4) Leigh Anne and Perrie doing full choreo while they are pregnant.

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