Aston Merrygold talks Emergency, JLS, and future solo music

Aston Merrygold, the JLS frontman, chatted with us about dropping his new solo song ‘Emergency’.


Aston Merrygold has been in the music industry for over a decade now, so it’s no surprise that when JLS broke up in 2013 that he would continue with music. He released his first solo track in 2015 and is still releasing them, even though JLS have reunited for a tour and new music.

Aston has dropped four tracks already this year, with ‘Emergency’ being the latest one. There was no promo at all for ‘Emergency’ as he dropped it as a surprise for his fans. Aston wrote the song with Oliver King and it was produced by Crumz, who has also produced for Not3s.

‘Emergency’ brings summer vibes no matter the time of year with its electric feel and dance rhythm. It is the sort of song that you can’t shake out of your head easily.

I recently caught up with Aston to find out more about ‘Emergency’ and the future of his solo music.

You’ve recently released your new song, ‘Emergency’. How long have you been sitting on it for?

To be honest I’ve been sitting on this track for too long — I think two summers have passed! But by the reaction from my people, it’s been worth the wait!

Were you pleased with your fans’ reaction to ‘Emergency’?

So pleased. You just never know how people are going to act, especially with such incredible music coming out from every territory and platform these days… but so pleased with the reaction!

You released ‘Emergency’ unannounced. Is this something fans can expect more of?

Yeah, I think this is my thing now! As a solo artist anyway. I’m loving releasing music and letting people hear without any expectations and having fun being creative.

So far this year, you’ve released four songs. Which of those is your favourite and why?

I mean… I can’t really give you a favourite, to be honest, because they’re all parts of me. Almost like asking which of my children is my favourite! I’m just trying to bring different vibes to the table for people to pick their favourites.

JLS are reuniting for a tour towards the end of the year. Will you still be working on solo music even though the band is back together?

Yeah for sure! I see JLS as my England international duty, then my solo life as my club life. They both play hand-in-hand, and I can be double as creative.

As well as releasing a new song for his fans, Aston has also released a music video for ‘Emergency’ that he directed himself. It starts off in the future then cuts back to the present day, where Aston leads all of the choreography — which is another thing he is well-known for.

You can listen to ‘Emergency’ here and watch the music video below.

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  1. Kayley says

    Love the new song emergency is amazing summer song and I’m so excited for new music from my boys JLS and aslo aston new music too and I have met Aston in 2018 and he such a Kind and caring person

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