10 songs from female K-pop groups and soloists that rocked 2020

A starting guide to some girl power in K-pop music.


2020 is coming to an end, and, despite all the hardships we’ve all been through, our favorite artists found a way to lessen the burden of this year.

In the K-pop scene, people expected many idols, groups and soloists to make their comebacks — and most of them did not disappoint. Great music, stunning movie videos and amazing performances were given to the fans throughout the year.

When we think about the outstanding female groups and soloists in K-pop, there’s a long list of 2020 singles worth listening to. We listed some of our favorite ones in case you haven’t checked them out yet.


One of the highest album-selling girl groups in Korea, Twice had Onces go wild with just a video preview of ‘More & More’ — their first comeback since 2019. The Garden of Eden-themed video is a charming concept for lyrics that speak of a lover who can’t run away from them. The video reached 14.7 million views in only 15 hours.

On October 26, only four months after releasing ‘More & More’, Twice dropped ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ , the main single of their new album Eyes Wide Open. The video gives some retro vibes and the song is upbeat and catchy. Watching the girls dancing to the intricate choreography nonstop makes it impossible to watch it just once!


IU is the voice behind one of the most successful songs in Korea this year. ‘Eight’ was written by IU herself, Suga from BTS and El Capitxn. Suga was responsible for the production of the tune. The lyrics reminisce about young love and feel a little nostalgic. The video, which recently reached 100 million views, shows IU in what seems to be a clinic and she’s trying to go back to her memories. It mixes reality and an animated version of the singer.


The young group composed of Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna released ‘Wannabe’ in March. It’s a statement of personal identity and going against high standards of perfection. In only 24 hours, ‘Wannabe’ achieved 11 million views on YouTube. To be completely honest with all of you, anytime it comes up you’ll see me doing the little shoulder move from the choreography.

In mid-August, Itzy was ready to drop another bop and ‘Not Shy’ was the chosen one. The single is another fierce tune that talks about not being afraid or shy of wanting someone and saying it too fast. The Wild West vibes in the music video with the “WANTED” signs and the girls causing trouble make them look bold and powerful — just like the lyrics. ‘Not Shy’ is the first Itzy single to make it to the Global 200 Billboard chart.


‘Maria’ is the newest project released by the youngest Mamamoo member. The whole concept of both the song and video is to expose how harmful media pressure can be and how it affects people’s mental health. Hwasa has been criticized several times because of her looks, especially her body proportions; ‘Maria’ is a reminder to herself of her worth and beauty.


The most awaited comeback this year was definitely Blackpink’s. The group took their time to work on ‘The Album’ and it proved to be more than worthy. Blackpink’s new album is filled with great hits, like their lead single How You Like That’, the hit that broke many YouTube records as the most-viewed MV premiere and the most-viewed in 24 hours. They held the second record for two months.

Most recently, Blackpink dropped a new movie video of their song ‘Love Sick Girls’, an upbeat heartbreak anthem where Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo show off their amazing acting skills on camera as they tell four heartbroken girls who have very different reactions each.


One of the most iconic rappers and singers in the K-pop industry, Jessi breaks all Korean stereotypes with her unapologetic sexy looks. ‘Nunu Nana’ is her most popular single in Korea, she achieved the second position at Gaon Digital Chart with the hit on its fourth week. ‘Nunu Nana’ had the famous Gangnam Style’ singer, Psy, in the composition.


‘Aya’ is Mamamoo’s newest single, and it’s a very different track from ‘Dingga’, their first new era release. The tune talks about a really bad breakup and getting over the toxicity of that relationship. Mixing Latin and veil music, ‘Aya’ shows off Mamamoo’s strongest element: their amazing vocals. The video’s visuals are stunning, and Solar, Hwasa, Wheein and Moonbyul represent every single woman who freed herself of a bad relationship.

2020 has been blessed with great music from female K-pop artists, the list could go on and on, but hopefully this can be a starting guide for you!

Let us know your favorites among female groups and soloists in K-pop and which ones you would like us to cover more often.

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