IU’s new single is produced by and features Suga from BTS

IU is a Korean K-pop soloist and actress who's been in the industry for over 10 years now.


Last month the rumours of IU’s next single in collaboration with Suga from BTS started, and there’s no need to say that both fan bases went crazy to the news of both artists working together on a song.

On April 27th, ‘Prod. & Feat. Suga of BTS’ was trending on Twitter as IU revealed the first visual of the single on her social media.

Two days later the singer shared the date fans would be finally able to listen to the song. Again the duo was trending fast on Twitter.

May kicked off with a video teaser released on IU’s twitter account and Suga talking about the song on the VLive App as he answered some fans’ questions with RM. Suga’s bandmate shared that he had already listened to the song and said that even though he can’t drive, he felt it was a great song to listen to while you’re driving. Suga said he really enjoyed working on the song with IU.

IU invited some fans to listen to the single before its release. Some said the lyrics were really sad but at the same time it was an upbeating song, one fan even used the word ‘refreshing’ while he listened to it. One other fan mentioned the rap part, aka Suga’s voice piece on the track, saying it was really good.

Later on, a movie video teaser was published and fans couldn’t be more excited for the track. They want the song to succeed on each and every plataform and came up with a streaming plan.

BTS’ fans were proudly sharing their thoughts on Suga collaborating with female artists, producing or singing with them, giving them voice in an industry where female artists need to work harder than any other male artist to be taken seriously. Even though Suga’s fans were excited to have him on the track, they did not miss the opportunity to praise IU for the great artist that she is.

Legends recognize legends, right?



May 6th is finally here and you can finally listen to 8 by IU x Prod. & Feat Suga that is already trending with more than 1.5 million tweets and breaking records on Korean charts.

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