Only The Poets release music video for new song, Waking In the Dark

Only The Poets’ fan-tribute music video premieres for a rock-influenced song written about mental health awareness.


A week after releasing a new single, the unsigned rock band, Only The Poets, premiere a music video for the empowering song, ‘Waking in the Dark’.  A song written about mental illness and a fight song for those suffering, it is the most personable song the band released to date. After gaining a larger audience for opening at Louis Tomlinson’s European tour, ‘Waking in the Dark’ receives the highest amount of streams the band has ever had during a release week with 114,000 streams. It’s no surprise this British band has gained a lot of new attention with well-written, meaningful lyrics with an authentic rock sound. While the band normally would perform a new single in concert, the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to do something new.

A handful of selected fans received a video call from the lead singer, Tommy, where they got to talk to Tommy and listen to ‘Waking In The Dark’ for the first time before it released. The band has never failed to include fans in projects and a part of their lives, so it was no surprise fans were showcased in the video. The video flaunts fans’ reactions to the song via video call with Tommy. Fans smile and cry as they listen to a new, unreleased song from their favorite band while on a video call with the singer himself. Smiles, tears, and laughter fill the screen as they listen to every word, Tommy humbled, gleaming at their excited reaction to a song that was so personable and worked so hard on.

A fan tribute was important to four members as they referred to fans as the “5th member of the band.” This message is important especially since ‘Waking In The Dark’ was written for fans so they know they aren’t alone during their fight with mental illness.

During the video premiere, Tommy replied to YouTube comments that showered the video with positivity and gratefulness. Hundreds of fans comment on how they’re excited to hear the song live and even how the song helped with hardships in their lives. One fan writes, “this song means the whole world,” which Tommy sympathetically replies, “remember you are never alone.”

The band also announced a new song will be out on July 10th and are planning to do a drive-in gig in London this summer.

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