Have you heard these (mostly) unknown songs from solo One Direction?

Underestimated, and always underrated. How many are you familiar with? Here's 10 tracks that need more exposure. We'll try to keep it chronological.


Unknown to some, almost each of the “Five Directions”, have a few unreleased (or only exclusively released) songs to their names. Some are exclusive bonus tracks, while others are simply unreleased. Our list does not contain every single song of this type, but we’re going to highlight some of our favorites!

1. Harry Styles – Don’t Let Me Go


Don’t let the koala thumbnail fool you, 19-year-old Harry had songwriting skills! This beautiful track is from 2013. We wish more people knew about it; we wish it was available on all streaming platforms. While this gem is only available on YouTube, we found a nice instrumental version of Don’t Let Me Go on Spotify. You can find it here.


2. ZAYN – Golden

This jam is the final track on the exclusive edition of Zayn‘s debut album, made only for Target. This edition also includes the bonus track ‘Do Something Good’. Golden is a reflective piece about the beauty of the future. We just really wish this was on Spotify!


3. Harry Styles – Anna

This song might be the most known unreleased song on the list. Harry Styles performed ‘Anna’ during his first solo tour. It quickly became a fan-favorite. Despite its popularity, not every Directioner has heard it, so it made the list!


4. ZAYN – Can’t Help Calling In Love

This Elvis Presley cover never got released to platforms like Spotify or iTunes. Zayn’s version of the classic lives only on YouTube & Twitter. “Zayn released this on Twitter for his fans as a tie-over until his sophomore album, Icarus Falls, was to be released.” (Genius)


5. Liam Payne – Hurting Me


6. Liam Payne – Before It Ends

These two Liam songs are the bonus tracks included in the exclusive edition of his debut album, made only for Target. They’re definitely worth hearing.


7. Liam Payne – Nobody Else

This, along with fellow bonus tracks, ‘Down’ and ‘Trouble’ are included on the deluxe edition of Liam’s debut album, made exclusive for Japan. A lot of people aren’t even aware that these exist. It’s a shame because they’re pretty fresh and different from the rest of LP1 (in the best way).


8. Niall Horan – Nothing


9. Niall Horan – Dress

These two are the bonus tracks on the exclusive edition of Niall’s sophomore album, made only for Target. Even if they’re only exclusively released, he released them and wants everyone to know that they’re still part of the Heartbreak Weather story.


10. Louis Tomlinson – Always You (13-second snippet)

We have to admit, we tried, but couldn’t find much when looking for relatively unknown songs from this man. However, there WAS a certain unreleased song that Louis himself teased on Instagram some years ago. All thanks to the fanbase, it’s now officially released!

“I had maybe 18 songs to choose from, for the [debut] album, and that one was touch-and-go to be honest, but I knew that the fans really wanted to hear it and for some reason even if though they hadn’t heard it [entirely], they developed this connection with the song already… I think because I teased it, they [the fans] would be pretty frustrated never to hear it… It was a bit of a no-brainer to put on the record.”   (Louis, describing his song, Always You)

And THAT, my friends, is the power of a loyal fanbase, receiving the unreleased song they’ve so dearly wanted.

Which underrated song from the above list is your favorite? Let us know over on our Twitter @unitedbypop

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