Niall Horan speaks out against cyber-bullying, ‘spread the love and laughs’

Cyber-bullying: a topic Niall has very passionately spoken about over time. Let's dive in?


It’s been two weeks since Niall Horan went on his most recent rant about the toxic bullying he’ll often see online. As you might already know, this is actually a topic he’s been passionate about for some time. Currently having 40.3M Twitter followers, cyber-bullying is, unfortunately, something he sees far too often and it’s something he’s been trying to change. Back in February of last year, he wrote the following;


Ten months later, the topic came up again. Niall did make sure to specify that he’s not referring to anyone specific, however, this came the same weekend as Liam Payne‘s debut album release and the hate that followed it.

Cyber-bullying doesn’t exist only on the basis of peers anymore. More often than not, it’s directed to celebrities who “probably won’t ever see it anyway”. The truth often is they do see, way too much. Receiving, literally, thousands upon thousands of negative messages from complete strangers, every day, is something none of us could ever even imagine experiencing.

Even something seemingly trivial like a comment calling Niall a ‘weirdo’ was enough to cause him to respond with ‘that’s not very nice is it?’. The girl did apologize, she had only meant it as a playful teasing joke, but Niall was definitely trying to make a bigger point from the small interaction.

Niall doesn’t want special treatment, he just expects the average decency and kindness we should all be giving each other; on and off the internet.


Whether it be cyber-bullying towards ‘the famous’ or towards fellow peers, it obviously makes a big difference on anyone.

In reality, tweets like the ones included here won’t change everyone, but even if it changes the perceptive of a few people, that’s a positive step.

Think before you type, and treat people with kindness!*


*Yes, we know you read that in a Harry Styles voice.

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