Louis Tomlinson asks you to BELIEVE in his foreword for Helene Hørlyck’s new book

Find out more about his wonderful, encouraging and supportive words on his amazing vocal coach!


Whether you’ve been here since the 1D days or you’re a baby Louie, you definitely know who Helene Hørlyck is and you definitely know how much she means to Louis Tomlinson. That’s why it comes as no surprise that he wrote the foreword for her new book Just Sing out now.


Talking about it on her Instagram live, Helene said “It is four pages of his beautiful words of wisdom and his message to all of you; him being on the other side of it and being at the top level where you have to master certain skills and preparations.”

Louis Tomlinson is a lot of things: he’s nice, he’s caring, he’s talented, he’s beautiful inside and outside, he’s smart, he’s strong, he’s brave, he’s generous (I could go on forever so I’m gonna stop myself) but most of all he is the most supportive human being I’ve ever heard of, and he never fails to prove it.
Reading his words you can tell they’re genuine – as usual – and just SO Louis you can’t help but love him a little bit more with every single one of them.

“Sometimes on some days you just need to read something, you need to see that something that inspires you to say to yourself… f*cking go on then. I know Helene’s words can inspire because they’ve inspired me, so I’m buzzing she finally got there and wrote this book!”

Louis – who recently achieved a Guinness World Record for most tickets sold for a livestreamed concert by a solo male artist thanks to his Live From London gig – also shared details about his own experience with Helene as a vocal coach: “If I could put into a nutshell what she has taught me amongst all the technical brilliance, it’s that if I believe in myself I will get the best out of myself. And that it doesn’t matter where I am on the ability scale. It just means that if I believe in myself, I’m gonna maximise my potential. As a singer, performer and artist, I have one major rule and that’s to trust your gut. For me this has been to stick to a musical genre that I love and know I can do well, intertwined with that feeling of knowing, self-belief and confidence.”


Louis Tomlinson's words about Helene Horlick
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And he concluded sending a message to us – once again, as usual – to encourage any reader: “Sometimes you just need the words and you just need the guidance. So my most important message to all you readers, from me to you as a singer, boils down to one word for encouragement… BELIEVE.”

If you want to pursue a career in music and/or want to support Helene (and also read the full version of Louis’ foreword), you can buy your copy of her book here.

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