Happy one-year anniversary to New Hope Club’s debut album

This week marks one whole year since New Hope Club released their debut album.


New Hope Club released their very first, self-titled album in February 2020, and now we’re a year on and the world is very… different. Luckily, New Hope Club still managed to do a bit of promo for the album before the whole world got shut down, such as doing a few signings.

On February 14, 2021, New Hope Club’s debut album turned a year old, and so this week the British band have celebrated the anniversary by teasing a second album and new music. The album peaked at No. 5 on the UK midweek charts.

The trio have finally reunited after George recovered from Covid-19 and have been teasing fans by saying that they’re working on new music.

Due to the pandemic, the band were unable to go and tour this album, but from the tweet above, it seems that they are still determined to be able to play their debut album live. Blake, Reece and George did have a virtual show last December (and even a virtual tour in the summer) where they were able to play the majority of the album’s songs.

Hopefully, we’ll all be able to go and enjoy this album live as soon as it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, happy first birthday to New Hope Club the album!

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