Katy Perry’s digital flower shop is blooming ahead of the release of Daisies

With the help of 'Katy’s Daisies' you can safely send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your loved ones, despite being in isolation


Katy Perry’s fifth studio album is due to blossom in 2020 and fans will get their first taste of the record on May 15th with the release of lead single ‘Daisies’. To coincide with the release, Katy has opened a digital flower shop called ‘Katy’s Daisies’ which allows you to digitally send beautiful flowers to someone special, for free. Whether you want to send a bunch to someone you love ‘Unconditionally’, or perhaps ‘The One That Got Away’, there is an assortment of bouquets to choose from, perfect for every occasion.


The twelve bouquets displayed on ‘Katy’s Daisies’ are visually stunning and aptly named, with the likes of ‘Shameless Summer’, ‘Light In Your Life’, ‘Heart and Soul’ and ‘Sweet Escape’. Not only do they reflect Katy’s personality, we have a suspicion they could be song titles featured on KP5. Each bouquet comes with a message for the recipient. Although they can be personalised, a heart-warming touch, we’re obsessed with Katy’s pre-written notes and we’re not alone. Fans are speculating that they could be song lyrics and we can’t wait to find out if they’re right!

Fans have also been quick to dial the phone numbers listed on the website, which connect callers to a sweet, automated message from Katy herself.


Florals have been a consistent theme in Katy’s latest releases, a nod to her fiancé Orlando Bloom and all the beauty blossoming in their lives. This was especially evident in the ‘Never Worn White’ music video which doubled as the popstar’s pregnancy announcement.

Never Worn White GIF by Katy Perry - Find & Share on GIPHY

The flowers blossoming on ‘Katy’s Daisies’ are no exception to this theme and can be found blooming all over the internet. Bouquets are available to send alongside the personalised card; however, fans are also able to download the flowers as videos, wallpapers and colouring pages. Colouring in is an effective way to stay present, creative and relaxed in isolation, so this option is an incredible feature. With many fans sharing the creations on social media with the hashtag #KatysDaisies, public declarations of love and the excitement for the release of ‘Daisies’ reminds us that we aren’t alone; we have so much to look forward to.


Due to COVID-19, promotion looks different for many musicians, though Katy Perry’s heart and creativity is shining brighter than ever. With much of the world isolated due to the current pandemic, we’re all just looking for connection. ‘Katy’s Daisies’ encourages others to cultivate connection and hold onto the hope that small gestures have profound impacts. The digital flower shop gives power to the people. It gives them the opportunity to be kind, loving and selfless. The creation of ‘Katy’s Daisies’ is more than just promotion for her latest single, it’s unity and joy in action. Sending a digital bouquet of flowers is a powerful way to spread love and light, something that Katy radiates in her own actions and something we all need more of right now.

Which bouquet is your favourite? Let us know over at @unitedbypop on Twitter!

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