Why fans think Taylor Swift will feature on Katy Perry’s new single Daisies

We're 100% convinced by the theory.


It’s safe to say Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have had a rollercoaster of a relationship. From starting out as friends to becoming sworn enemies, the pair have had their ups and downs (broadcast to the entire world) and are now finally on good terms with one another.

After recently reconciling, they publicly cemented their relationship last year when Taylor invited Katy to be in her music video for ‘You Need To Calm Down’. The symbolic scene saw them put aside their differences and run to hug each other – all while dressed as a burger and french fries. ‘Cause why not?

Now fans believe it’s Katy’s turn to work with Taylor, and there’s a LOT of evidence to support the theory. It all started when Katy announced that the first single from KP5 is coming and that it’s going to be called ‘Daisies’.


Eagle-eyed viewers spotted that the ‘S’s were elongated and looked almost like they represented snakes – an image that Taylor’s used in her branding since the reputation era. Fans then went back and noticed Katy’s previous post, promoting a pair of her daisy flip flops, which was captioned “Sticks and stones may break your bones” – a clue that many believe is a reference to a lyric from ‘You Need To Calm Down’ that replaces the word ‘sticks’ with ‘snakes’.

The announcement was posted on May 8th, a date that may appear insignificant to most but is actually pretty important. It marks exactly two years since Katy sent a literal olive branch to Taylor, as a peace offering, seemingly ending their longtime feud. 8 + 5 also equals 13 which every Swiftie knows is Tay’s lucky number.


On the exact same day, Taylor makes a rare appearance on Instagram by posting a photo of herself wearing a daisy sweater. YES, DAISIES. We’re already 100% convinced in this theory, but we’ll carry on anyway.

So what do daisies have to do with Taylor? Well, she first mentioned the flower in the rep era with the lyric “I once was poison ivy,  but now I’m your daisy.” She’s also a long-time reader of Scott F. Fitzgerald and makes a reference to The Great Gatsby (a book in which Daisy is the central love interest) in ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’.

In fact, Swifties associate daisies with Taylor so much that they even thought it was going to be the name of her last album – Lover. It wasn’t, obviously, but she did feature the flower prominently in the photoshoot for it.


Still not convinced? The plot thickened when American Idol, a show which Katy is currently a judge on, tweeted their excitement about playing the new single “1,989 times in a row.” 1989, of course, is the title of Taylor’s highly successful first pop album.

In conclusion: Taylor and Katy are deffo up to something, it’s coming soon and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.

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