Katy Perry announces her pregnancy in angelic Never Worn White music video

Katy cordially invited us to the debut of her new music video and we’re lucky we had tissues on hand.


We’re sending love, light and a huge congratulations to one of our favourite popstars!

Katy Perry’s first release of the decade arrived with a big announcement.
Katy is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom!

Due to give birth this summer, the singer revealed she is pregnant in the conclusion of her “Never Worn White” music video, released Wednesday. Katy can be seen cradling her baby bump, looking radiant and ethereal in a sheer white dress.


“Never Worn White” is a vulnerable ballad that begins with the “Wedding March” and a delicate piano. Lyrically the song is intimate and honest.

“But I’m scared, ‘cause I’ve never worn white, but I want to get it right, yeah I really want to try with you. No I’ve never worn white, but I’m standing here tonight, ‘cause I really want to say, I do.”

The song soars and emotions intensify as Katy sings of surrendering to love (and you know once those strings and echoes of “I do” hit, the tears don’t stop rolling).

Katy Perry’s music videos are always visually stunning and “Never Worn White” is no exception. The video features soft sunset hues, neon pink and Katy is draped in flowers of vibrant shades. The flowers are in full bloom, the perfect nod to Orlando and the blossoming relationship between the couple. The music video is romantic, proving to be the perfect way for Katy to announce her pregnancy.


Katy confirmed the couple’s pregnancy news on an Instagram live shortly after the music video premiered. “I’m happy, we’re happy, it’s probably the longest secret I’ve had to keep,” she said during the stream. Katy also reassured fans that she wanted them to hear the news in the best way, which is through her music, as that’s how she has always communicated with them.


Revealing that she will be giving birth this summer, both “literally and figuratively”, Katy also teased the release of her fifth studio album. While she noted that “Never Worn White” is not the lead single from the album, she confirmed more music will be released in upcoming months, giving fans even more to look forward to in 2020.


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