Fandoms come together to join #StreamTheVote

Let’s take a look at the original way they’ve come up with to get young people to register to vote.


We’re used to see fandoms competing (in a healthy way, hopefully) against each other so #StreamTheVote might look like the umpteenth stan “fight”, but it isn’t.
This time, there’s a bigger cause so many update accounts about so many different artists have partnered with @iSTAN_fan to support: US elections are coming soon and now, more than ever, everyone must play their part.

Unfortunately, only 46.1% of registered voters between 18-29 voted in 2016 and this is unacceptable. Youth have the power to decide this election and make a difference, but participation is ESSENTIAL.

Music arouses passion and emotion almost more than anything else in the world and its historical ties to politics can’t be ignored. When involved in a cause, fandoms wield immense collective influence so why not make the most of it and create a direct-action youth voter registration drive?

Is there a better way to change the world while simultaneously supporting your favourite artist(s) and showing how powerful your fandom(s) can be?
Yeah, exactly. The answer is no.

So just choose your lane(s) (again, a lot of fandoms are participating but if you’re unsure I’d suggest a certain Louis Tomlinson and a certain Harry Styles…and you don’t have to only pick one, just saying), sign up, share your link so more people can join – try to involve as many people as possible, especially from the US – and start streaming!

Voter registrations, playlist follows, and clicks will all count towards your fandom rank!
If you are from the US, of course, register to vote (I mean, that’s kinda the point innit?) but if you’re not, don’t worry! You can still join, just skip the vote registration part and click “JOIN HERE” to sign up to the fandom you chose.
Join #StreamTheVote“Let’s make some noise in 2020 and be the change we want to see!”

Which team is gonna come out on top? And which team are you? Let us know in the replies, feel free to mention any other fandoms I might have unintentionally missed.

And please, GO VOTE!

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