One Direction’s debut single What Makes You Beautiful celebrates its 10th anniversary

Ten years later and this song still remains a fan favorite.


The first time I heard One Direction‘s debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” was back in my freshman year of high school. I overheard two friends of mine humming and singing along to the lyrics and wondered to myself what song had them constantly squealing and smiling so big.

These two friends of mine informed me that they were singing a One Direction song, to which I would respond, “Who?” Honestly, it took me quite some time to start listening to the English-Irish boy band.

My introduction to the band came with their third single, “One Thing,” as it would constantly be played on the radio. Eventually, their catchy lyrics and pop sound captured my heart, and I then went down a rabbit hole and not only came across their debut album Up All Night but the song that had my friends singing along to every day — “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Jump to today, One Direction’s debut single celebrates its 10th anniversary from when it was first released. In celebration, I’ve put together a few of their best/iconic performances of their debut single.

Acoustic Performance For SiriusXM

The band’s acoustic performance with SiriusXM back in 2012 was a memorable one for sure. Fans got to see a stripped-back version of this song and individually hear each member’s voice.  Also, who could forget the moment when Zayn hit his high note with such ease?

Live From San Siro

When the band performed at San Siro stadium, the fans during this concert had such excitement and joy that they created such iconic moments from this show that it was no wonder why this show was given its own concert film. When “What Makes You Beautiful” was performed, the crowd had such immense energy, you can’t help but smile.

The X Factor 2011 Live Final

Who could forget their iconic mash-up performance with JLS? Combining their songs “She Makes Me Wanna” and “What Makes You Beautiful,” both boybands put on a performance and gave a remix that would have fans endlessly singing along to.

The 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony

For any athlete, to compete in the Olympics is a huge honor and I think it’s safe to say that for any musical artist, this testament is true as well. When the band performed their hit single during the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, one thing that comes to mind is that this truly was such an amazing point in their career.

To celebrate 10 years of “What Makes You Beautiful,” stream the song here!

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