Fickle Friends announce new album Are We Gonna Be Alright? and UK tour dates

The English indie pop band's sophomore album is finally here and will be released on January 14th.


A new album is on the horizon for English indie pop band Fickle Friends. The band recently announced that their second album Are We Gonna Be Alright? will be released on January 14.

Their single “Love You To Death” was released simultaneously with the news of their new album. Echoing Prince vibes, the song is a sneak peek into what their new album will sound like — groovy, funky, and a modern take on the sounds of the ’80s.

“Love You To Death is just pure fun. It was so sick to explore this new Prince-esque side of Fickle Friends. The music is so simple and it gave us a lot of space to go a little crazy with the guitar shredding and backing vocals,” says Natti Shiner.

The overpowering feeling of loving someone so much is the theme behind “Love You To Death” as Natti explains. “It’s a song about loving someone so much you might actually kill them,” says Shiner. “I’m pretty amazed by just how I can feel sometimes, like it’s quite overwhelming a lot of the time. That’s where this song comes from.”

With a taste of what their second album will sound like, is set to lyrically tell stories of the band and their experiences over the past two years. From break-ups to sanity-questioning levels of anxiety and the frustration of lockdowns to the joy and celebration of coming back together as a band, Are We Gonna Be Alright? will share all of this.

“Making this album helped us weather the storm of the last year. It held us together in a time of uncertainty. It gave us purpose when we felt forgotten. When (actual) therapy failed, these songs served as a way to process grief, depression, everything we go through as the anxiously minded creative people we are,” Shiner adds. “This record has been a massive moment of growth for us and I hope you can hear that in the nuance of each song. We are truly excited to share it with the world.”

Apart from announcing the release date for their second album, Fickle Friends has also announced a January 2022 headline tour in the UK. Tickets for the tour can be purchased here.

Listen to Fickle Friends’ new single “Love You To Death” and pre-order their new album Are We Gonna Be Alright? here

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