6 months of Fine Line by Harry Styles

Let's revisit the six most iconic moments this incredible album gave us so far


It’s been already six months since Harry Styles blessed us with the best early Christmas present we could ask for, his sophomore album Fine Line, on the 13th December 2019.

It was – and still is, according to numbers and charts – a worldwide success: it debuted at number three on the UK Albums Chart and number one on the Billboard 200 (just like its predecessor Harry Styles, making Harry the first UK male artist to debut at #1 with his first two albums); it broke the record as the biggest debut from a British male artist since Nielsen SoundScan began; it was the last #1 on the Billboard 200 of the past decade and the first #1 in the new one…iconic is an understatement!
So, how about recalling the 6 best moments since the Fine Line era started?


The 5th October 2019 officially marks the beginning of this new era and of course, Harry found a way to announce it in the Harriest way possible. He broke Twitter unexpectedly tweeting just one word and sending us all in a major frenzy, trying to understand what he was up to.

Later, he’d reveal in an interview that he didn’t even remember doing that: “Can I be really honest? I was half asleep and I don’t remember sending it. I was half asleep, I woke up, was like ‘Oh I’m going to do a thing for the song coming out.’ And then I went back to sleep and when I woke up my manager was like ‘What are you doing?’, I was like ‘I don’t know. I’m sorry.’ So yeah, I don’t exactly remember doing it, but it felt harmless.”
Meanwhile, all around the world some mysterious black and white posters saying “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?” started popping up in the streets and, even though Styles’ name wasn’t on them, fans noticed the acronym “TPWK” which is Harry’s brand and the logo of his music label, Columbia Records, so they started connecting the dots. And even Harry’s tweet gained a new meaning.

After few days, he dropped the lead single ‘Lights Up’ out of nowhere (and at 6 am for my unlucky European self!) complete of a music video after which even those who maybe knew it, definitely forgot who they were.


After encouraging a fan to prioritise their mental health over his rumoured upcoming tour – “Go to therapy, it’s important. I’ll wait for you.” he tweeted – on the World Mental Health Day, to bring more awareness, Styles launched the doyouknowwhoyouare.com website where fans can submit their names to get compliments and positive messages (mostly cutely related to his music) that would make them feel loved and appreciated.

And it has been updated with new goodies every time H has released a new single!


As extra as that is, nothing compares to the marketing campaign for “Adore You”. It all started in late November when the @visiteroda verified account made its appearance on social media:

A lot of fans began questioning ads that had appeared on their feeds encouraging them to travel to the beautiful island of Eroda, the only problem was that it didn’t exist.


This thread went viral on Twitter and the audience reaction was split between those who thought some people were just reaching and those who thought there were too many coincidences for it to be casual.

The speculation went on and on until a teaser, and then the official music video of the single, dropped and we got confirmation that yes, our “peculiar boy” created a fictional island only to promote his song and what about it?


Nominated for Best Male Solo Artist and Album of the Year, Styles joined The 40th edition of the Brit Awards and amazed the audience performing ‘Falling’ for the first time ever wearing a white lace floral Gucci suit, paired with lace gloves, in a suggestive water pool stage (which might have been filled with my tears).


To celebrate the release of his album, Harry performed two special intimate shows, in California and in London.
He also announced the Love On Tour and the legendary Harryween dates, which sadly for obvious reasons won’t take place in 2020 anymore.
During the lockdown, Harry’s team tried to cheer us up releasing the bts of the US concert and we appreciate the effort!

Besides, before the release, fans from all over the world got invited to listening parties to hear some of the tracks beforehand…and Harry showed up to a couple of them! He looked so proud yet bashful while waiting for their reactions to the songs (as if he were even able to put out something that isn’t amazing!)



Imagine having that privilege, they won at life!


Finally, I can’t not mention the amazing promo content we’ve got so far: the facetime interviews where Harry was wearing his soft lilac robe or the long one with Zack Lowe where he opened up a lot; his iconic magazine covers; his appearance at “Later… With Jools Holland”, “The Graham Norton Show”, “Jingle Bell Ball”, “BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge”, “NPR’s Tiny Desk concert”, “Today Show” and so on.
But I’d like to conclude with the most iconic skits from his double duty as a host and musical guest on both The Late Late Show and SNL, because they were the cultural reset we all needed.

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