Why we believe that 5SOS deserved better at the VMAs

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It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of 5SOS over here at United By Pop, but with the latest VMA nomination the boys got earlier this year–there are some things we’d like to discuss.

5SOS were nominated for three VMA awards this year–their song ‘Wildflower’ for Best Music Video From Home, Best Group, and ‘Old Me’ for Best Cinematography. Fans had spent hours and hours each day voting non-stop, specifically for Best Music Video From Home. Even people outside the fandom believed that 5SOS deserved this award. When the day finally came, we were all crushed by the sad loss of all three awards. Nonetheless–fans came onto Twitter to show that no matter what, 5SOS were the winners in their hearts. But even so, they were still disappointed as the boys really did deserve this win.


And though the VMA’s are over, we still wanted to put together a list of reasons why we believe 5SOS should’ve won at least one award.

We’ve already written an entire article on all the incredible details 5SOS have put into the ‘Old Me’ music video and how exceptionally talented they are–so let’s take a look at why we think the ‘Wildflower’ music video should’ve won.

We’d describe the ‘Wildflower’ music video as a psychedelic experience that you really have to see for yourself to understand. The 80’s/90’s themed colorful vibes really did shine through making it seem as if it were shot back then. Honestly watching it for the first time, we couldn’t believe it was all shot at home! 5SOS’s incredibly talented creative directors Andy Deluca and Sarah Eiseman did an exceptional job with the editing and directing of the video. The couple actually had to learn how to animate in less than 2 weeks for the creation of both the music video and lyric video, and we think they did an amazing job!

“We passed around the disinfected green screen (with the help of our teammate Kat Gallagher), and everyone filmed their parts at home with an iPhone and later sent the footage over to me. In the meantime, Sarah Eiseman and I began working on the art for the video. We quickly learned animation and drew up several blooming flowers, and also created the trippy colored backgrounds using milk and food dye… It definitely has pushed us to create something we normally wouldn’t, using only our brains and our hands.”


Originally the music video was supposed to be shot in a large studio with a bunch of crew members but was cancelled as the day before filming, lockdown began. Thus the band had to make do with what they had–a single green screen and their overflowing talent. And though the music video looks like a professional scripted music video filmed in a studio–the boy’s still got to have a little fun with it and let their personalities shine through from dancing to the beat, bringing in their pets, and knocking over equipment.

Though the boys may not have won the awards, we still think that all their work is truly incredible–and so is the work from all the other nominees and winners! All of the artists who were nominated deserved those nominations rightfully so and we could not be more proud of each and every one of them!

What do you guys think about the VMA awards and nominees? Let us know your favorite artists and awards!

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