The 5SOS fandom come together to stream CALM #CALMPromoComp

So tell us–are you #REDTEAM or #BLUETEAM?


The 5SOS fandom is one of the most passionate groups of people we know and they have once again parted their differences and come together as a family to stream the band’s latest album, CALM, in the most interactive way possible – a friendly little competition.

The competition was initiated by a popular 5SOS ranking account on Twitter by the name of @5SOSRANKED and soon blew up to what is now getting thousands of fans and brand’s attention. The competition consists of two teams –the Red Team and the Blue Team –based on the songs that are listed.

Each team’s job is to then stream the list of their songs off the album as a way to promote it and whichever team has the most streams at the end of it wins. They can also gain points in fun activities and challenges including getting radio stations to play the songs, grabbing the attention of other brands and companies, and playing fun games together like Kahoots. As there are twelve total songs on the album, the two teams each have six songs to stream. The Red Team’s songs include Teeth, Old Me, Red Desert, Best Years, Not In The Same Way, and Lonely Heart whilst the Blue Team’s songs are Easier, No Shame, Lover Of Mine, Wildflower, Thin White Lies, and High.

The competition started only a few days ago and the fans have already gotten the attention of multiple brands, radio shows, and artists such as Apple, Ash London Live, Microsoft, Wallgreens, and The Wiggles with them saying to stream the songs.

Which team are you on? #REDTEAM or #BLUETEAM? Let us know!

  1. Lizbeth Gonzalez says

    All the way Blue, I believe in 5sos Supremacy #5SOSBlueTeam

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