Top 5 unforgettable moments from the Met Gala

Since there will not be a Met Gala this year, why not recall the most iconic looks and moments from it?


The Met Gala is one of the most anticipated events in fashion around the world. From singers, celebrities, actors to fashion icons, this is one of the most exclusive events. Sadly, this year’s gala has been postponed until further notice but for the first time, we can be part of it.

Anna Wintour wants to make history by making it an online event called A Moment with the Met in which we can enjoy some memories from this iconic gala. It starts on March 4th, at 10 am EST and you can watch it on Vogue’s YouTube channel! It will not only last all day long but there are some plans for March 5th.

Performing acts will include Florence + The Machine and DJ set with Virgin Abloh. Vogue will make donations through the event to the Costume Institute and A Common Thread, and viewers will be encouraged to do the same.

So, in regards to fashion’s biggest night out being postponed, why not do a remembrance of the most iconic looks (and moments from this night).

Zendaya always serves

Zendaya surely knows how to serve even if it is an everyday look, she knows how to take our breath away and win the Met every single year.


This moment is certainly iconic. Not only because it was one of the most powerful couples nor the fact that this relationship leads to one of the greatest songs on Taylor Swift‘s discography. You just simply need to take a look at them to feel the flirting coming out.

Lady Gaga’s camp reveal

It is not a surprise that Lady Gaga exceeds our expectations every single time. She outdid herself with her 2019 camp reveal. This is a moment that we won’t forget, for sure.

Billy Porter sure knows how to dress to impress

He is probably one of the most underrated men in this gala. He is so extra and we love it. He knows how to give an entrance and never comes to play when it comes to fashions: he serves.

The iconic bathroom

Although there is a no-phone nor social media policy during the gala, the celebs have broken this rule a few times leading to one of the most awaited moments during this night: the bathroom selfie. Honestly, who wouldn’t love to be part of this elite party?


There are still so many more, but let’s agree there is one important honorable mention and that is Harry Styles being a co-host. We all know how fashionable Harry is, but this just reinforced our love for him. Plus, he proved he is the internet king since he had the most social media mention on his debut gala.

All we can do for now is daydream over how we think our favorite celebs will hit the red carpet and enjoy these Met Gala days even it is on the past nights! Tell us what you think on the comments down below.

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