Review: ‘Trolls’ – A fun and lighthearted look at a walking, talking exploded rainbow


Dreamworks are reclaiming the meaning of ‘Trolls’, and proving that they’re not just the hideous little people bullying others on the internet. Instead, they’ve created a backstory for the popular childhood toys with crazy hair. Growing up, I remember ‘Trolls’ being one of the hottest toys on the playground. They were seemingly weird mini doll people and not much else. But after seeing ‘Trolls’ the child in me lit up with glee and joy. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is something instantly satisfying about seeing the backstory you never knew about one of your favourite childhood toys.

Something that ‘Trolls’ does exceptionally well is identifying important issues that need to be discussed. Forget kids, this film low-key teaches grown ass people something about modern day happiness. From the hug watch (a flower watch that blooms every hour to remind the trolls to hug one another) to the witty banter exchange between Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) and a talking cloud – this film really is something special. Another thing that surprised me was the uber-feminist troll princess character of Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick). She is equal parts powerful and pink. The best part about this particular theme is that the male and female protagonists were treated as equals – helping one another throughout their trials and lifting one another up during their success.

‘Trolls’ is all about finding a way to be happy, and for the bergens that means eating the trolls. When the bergens kidnap a handful of trolls, Poppy takes it upon herself to find them (being the super heroine badass she is). She seeks out the help of Branch, a miserable, grey troll who is ridden with fear, super grumpy and way too over prepared for a bergen kidnapping emergency. Together they set off to Bergentown to find their tribe. There’s loads of singing and dancing, and I am here for it.

Verdict? ‘Trolls’ is one of the best animations of 2016, not just for its cast and music, but its ability to teach a new generation of kids and adults alike about important issues. It’s a fun and lighthearted look at a walking, talking exploded rainbow.

‘Trolls’ is out in UK cinemas from October 21 and US cinemas from November 4.

Featured image courtesy of Think Jam. 

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