How I scored my Justin Bieber concert tickets


Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour was sold out. After less than an hour. I knew I had my work cut out. I just want to praise the fact that I wasn’t at work when the tickets went on sale. If I was, I probably would’ve cried. It’s hard because big musical artists hardly ever come to Australia. Or if they do, it’s always Sydney (looking at you Shawn Mendes). So how exactly did I score my tickets?

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I did try and win tickets on the radio first. All I had to do was ring up and try and get through. I was unsuccessful (obviously, SOML). Every time I was listening, there’d be some lucky fan winning tickets. It’s never me. But good for them. My next plan of action was to buy them.

Looking at the website, the VIP package was over $600 (£372 GBP). Yeah, no thanks. My bank account would not like that at all. My best friend and I settled on seats worth $151 (£93.76 GBP). Not too bad. I had the code for the pre-sale so I was definitely bound to score some. Right? No. I totally underestimated the Aussie Belieber population.

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I set my alarm half an hour before and set up my laptop. I was ready. No one was getting in the way of this. 1pm came along and I refreshed that ticket page so fast. I selected the tickets I wanted, and my computer decided to freeze on the “are you a robot” question. NO WAY. This wasn’t happening to me. Are you for real? Because I refuse.

My best friend called me up and I had her on speaker and we’re both freaking out. After refreshing the page (again), everything was working fine. Until… the tickets I wanted had sold out. WHAT? It had only been 10 minutes since pre-sale began. Not happening right now.

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Between my friend screaming and my frustrations to get tickets, it’s a wonder I survived at all. I tried selecting different tickets, still nothing. My heart was racing. I never knew how much pressure it was. My friend kept making stupid puns, “what do you mean you can’t get tickets?” Okay, I see what you did there. not right now.

FINALLY, after half an hour, I somehow got two tickets in my cart. Only $100 (£62.09 GBP) each. The seats are probably shit. However, I’m just happy I got tickets. My main goal is to dance to ‘Sorry’ live. Because you’d be crazy not to.

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I’m not going to lie, it was a stressful half an hour. But I got there in the end. All hail Biebs.

Justin’s Purpose World Tour kicks off in Australia on March 6th 2017. Hallelujah!

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