Get your final fix of ‘The X Factor’ hype before tonight’s show…


We’re very close to the premiere of the new series of  ‘The X Factor’, so we’ve got some videos for you to binge on while you wait…

It seems as though Mrs O looks a little bit different since she first hit our screens on the UK’s biggest talent show. She’s just aged gracefully, right?

Samantha Lavery is one of the contestants we will be introduced to tonight. Watch her as she warms her grandad’s heart and blows the judges away with her cover of Elle Goulding’s ‘Explosions’.

It seems as though Nicole is on the wrong show! With these incredible impressions, surely she should audition for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’?

Meet rapper Hone G from North London. She’s gonna get you grooving with her unique urban style…

Now you’ve watched these… it’s time… to face… THE MUSIC.


Featured image credit: Telly Mix 

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